The Mirri Dress

Although I started sewing early at 16 and made much of my own clothes until I finished university I am now not a very accomplished seamstress. I managed to make some successful garments, that look reasonably good, but I have a lot to learn.

I like dresses, because I don’t have to think about matching tops with skirts or pants, just have to find some matching panty hose without holes and I am good to go.

As I looked at the patterns from Wardrobe by Me, I was attracted by the Mirri Dress, because I like draped tops, and this one seemed not too revealing, which is a often a problem if you have a larger bust.

I bought two jersey coupons at the Stoffmarkt in Heilbronn to test the pattern before buying a more expensive fabric. And I am really pleased with the results

The drapey faux wrap really sits nice and is cut high enough. I cut out European size 44 and graded to 46 to accommodate my bigger waist, because I am more a busty apple than a pearshape

The pattern consists of 5 main pieces plus 2 strips for the sleeves. After you made the pleats of the front piece, the rest comes together quickly. Only the shawl collar is a tiny bit fiddly. I did not alter anything on the pattern and can recommend this for a bit adventurous beginning sewists. I am sure I will make another one soon.


2 thoughts on “The Mirri Dress

  1. This is my favorite style/cut, and the pattern looks great (love the color as well). IÔÇÖve never been good at sewing, so I admire those who are.


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