Weekly diary

Worn: Sandflowers layered with Acqua di Sale, Roma, Terracotta, Fils de Dieu, Granville (still reminds me of a rheumatism ointment, but classier), Lovely Sheer, Bracken Woman, Florabotanica

On my plate: coleslaw, broccoli soup, bun with veggie burger, pumpkin soup with curry, lentils and coconut milk, salmon with noodles, asparagus and tuna sauce, fresh baked seeded rolls (the boyfriend badly burned his thumb and has a big blister)

Made: I am sewing some underpants for the boyfriend and have cut out another shirt for him.

Watched:I started watching the series Bones. I have read Reichs books, but this is just loosely related to them. Anyway it’s fun to watch

Done: our whole practice had to be tested for Covid after having contact, so we had to line up at the test center outside on the sidewalk, all wearing masks, looked funny….

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