Weekly diary

Perfumes worn this week were Batucada, Fico d’ India, Bracken Woman, Coriandre, Journey Woman, Dzing!, Vintage Cabochard, Fils de Dieu and Roma.

Asparagus quiche and Kuku sabzi

On my plate was chicken with pomegranate molasses and bulgur salad, the boyfriend made a nice quiche with tuna and asparagus, we had some caprese salad with burrata. I tried a persian Kuku sabzi, a herb Omelette with walnuts and fried barberries, which was really good. We had sausage salad for lunch, oxtail stew with semmelknödel, svabian lentils with homemade spaetzle and now I am making chicken with rhurbarb, saffron and dried apricots

I did not have time to sew this week, but we worked a bit on our alottment garden and I harvested the first broad beans.

I finished all series of Bones, the miniseries Freud and started on Aquarius. I also saw Circus of Books, a dokumentary about a Jewish couple having a big gay porno bookstore, it was quite interesting how they felt about their work.

Next week my boyfriend will have a big bypass surgery, so I am a bit nervous about the outcome, hope he will be alright.

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