Weekly diary

What I wore was: Chypre Mousse, which I am still undecided if I love it or not. Zoologist Elephant, Cabotine, because it’s such a fun green flower bomb, that takes no prisoners. I am wearing Roma a lot more than I thought. Corsica Furiosa is nice, but reminds me of Untitled L’Eau. Empreinte for Saturday, Fico d ‘ Amalfi for the hospital visit and now lots of Terracotta.

I did not have much time or nerve to cook, with the boyfriend being terrible ill, so just scrambled egg with kimchi, shrimps and guacamole, some fried salmon with leftovers.

The boyfriend was dismissed from the hospital after having a bypass surgery on Wednesday, feeling still very weak and short of breath. The next day he was worse, had a pleural effusion again and went back to hospital. He was found to have a hamorragic pericardial tamponade and had an emergency surgery again. Thankfully he is much better now, but visiting is stressful thanks to Covid. I have to fill out a form each time, wear a mask and can only stay for an hour.

But something funny happened too. My mother found a photo on ebay from a great grand uncle, looking exactly like my father. He was a comedian and family legend says he earned money with proposing to rich woman and getting away with the money. His sister had to work to pay back his debt and was a house servant for Karl Valentin, a famous German comedian…

The black sheep of the family

I did some sewing the weekend and am working on another Ellis skirt, this time from yellow denim.

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