Weekly diary

I wore a lot of beachy perfumes like Sandflowers, Sel Marin, Acqua di Sale and Batucada. Other scents were Florabotanica, which I try to love, but don’t. For the weekend heat I wore Cristalle Eau Verte, Ninfeo Mio and CK One summer 2017.

I did not cook as much as usual with the boyfriend still being ill. I made Thai style chicken with zucchini, salmon and broccoli, a green bean salad with Feta and tomato and another pumpkin soup, this time with curry and peas. Thankfully we were able to dine out Saturday at our Greek restaurant, so I had leg of lamb with gigantes.

I took a day off this week to look after the boyfriend, so I had some time for sewing. I made a kitchen pinafore from the York pinafore pattern, but made the pattern piece for the crossed back myself, because it was not complicated.

I sewed two new cashmerette Ellis skirts, one in yellow, one white for work and tested the letter stitching from my machine. Now on the back pocket of the white work shirt you can read: Don’t cry, work!

I finally finished the last season of Miss Fishers murder mysteries, so sad there is no more, I loved the stories and the flapper fashion immensely. I am into the third book of the Harley Merlin books and can recommend it to all Harry Potter fans.

I have taken another 3 days off to be at home with the boyfriend until he starts his rehab, so I hope I will have some more time for sewing. I still have a lot of projects I want to finish.

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