Weekly diary

Perfumes i wore this week were Coriandre layered with Ma Griffe, 4160Tuesdays What i did on my holidays, Cabotine, Memoire d´une Odeur (nice, but very fleeting), Private Collection, Aromatics Elixir, Mitsouko, Terracotta, SJP Lovely Sheer, AC Jasmin Angelique.


On my plate: Chicken legs with Baharat and eggplant, smothered zucchini, green bean salad, meatballs, some Gyros and calamari at the greek restaurant. I did not do as much cooking as usual, because the boyfriend went to rehab on thursday.

I had a mammogram because of the screening program, thankfully i did not have to wait, it was quite empty. I finally managed to cycle to work again  on friday, because the weather finally got better.  The course goes around a mill in an idyllic valley, there are also some high stone benches, called “Gruhe”, where in older times the salesmen could rest their big backpacks on those benches. My commute is 22km one way, so this takes some time, even on an e-bike.

I managed to sew a bit on Sunday and started a hopefully wearable muslin on a denim jacket, hope it will fit okay.

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