Weekly diary

Perfumes I wore were Jasmin Angélique, Azurée, I thunked my sample of Florabotanica, but don’t need more… Untitled L’Eau, Chypre Siam, finished a decant of Figue Blanche and now Lovely Sheer for a sunny sunday.

I did not do much cooking, as the boyfriend is still in rehab. I made some gyros and Thai style turkey kabobs. But I managed to make some oatmeal rolls on Saturday, which tasted good.

I did lots of biking and biked to work two days, 22km each way and back and did some gardening in our alottment. The tomatoes are growing nicely. I also bought a rain poncho for biking, although I don’t plan to bike, if it’s raining in the morning.

I bought The People’s Poncho, which has great reviews, but I haven’t tested it yet.

2 thoughts on “Weekly diary

  1. Your tomatoes look great! Are they „Green Zebra“ tomatoes? My own crop is coming along well, especially the cherry tomatoes. But I’ve had a couple of wonderful „German Queen“ heirloom tomatoes too. I love that you’ve been wearing Azuree, I must pull out my own bottle. A great summer scent.

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