Weekly diary

I wore a lot of warm weather scents this week. Chypre Mousse, Pour la Belle, Nuit Etoilée, Zoologist Elephant, Batucada, which feels like a short holiday in brasil… Coriandre, LDDM. I gave EL Jasmine White Moss a good wearing, but although the notes seemed to be right, there was something that made me want to scrub it.

I managed to do almost 120km bike commuting this week. I cross some nice bridges, one with historic railway wagons, which are bering restored by a group of railway enthusiasts, some small bridges in the Glems valley. The tomatoes are starting to ripen too, soon we will have a good crop.

On my plate were chicken legs with zucchini, filled zucchini, zucchini bread. Yes, it’s the season!!! I drove to the black forest to drive the boyfriend home and we had lunch there with a big schnitzel and rostbraten. And we had a big Pimms Cup cocktail on the balcony on Saturday

I did not have time for sewing, so nothing was finished. But I finished watching the Broadchurch series, which was really good. It’s always nice, if you cannot guess who did it. Can recommend this.

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