Weekly diary

Perfumes i wore this week were Coriandre plus Tea Rose, Empreinte, Niki de Saint Phalle, Pour La Belle, Bronze Goddess Azur, Beachy, Scherrer EdT, Roma and Fan di Fendi Eau Fraiche.

A walk, a rustic restaurant and a great icecream

On my plate i had pasta salad, ravioli con zucchini, meat loaves, a big schnitzel with fries at a nice svabian restaurant, pasta with tomatoes and tuna and salsicchia with cucumber salad. And i had a nice icecream with pumpkin seed oil and caramelized seeds, that was really great.

I managed to bike to work twice, although the weather was not nice and we visited my boyfriends parents in the Bodensee region for Hits fathers 86th birthday and had a nice dinner in a good restaurant. And inbetween we had a long walk through a beautiful forest and we did some gardening and harvested the first zucchini and beets.


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