Weekly Diary

Perfumes this week were Rochas Femme, Fourreau Noir, Felanilla, Bottega Veneta for a day I was in a hurry and it was in the front row. I wore Papillion Perfumery Salome for a friday at work (not work appropriate, but I don‘t care. Saturday was Larmes de Desert and later Musks Khoublai Khan and lots of L´Ambre de Merveilles for the first advent sunday.

We did not much cooking this week. We had some leftover pulled turkey with pasta, a nice lentil dhal with rice, a big pot of minestrone. Friday i had half a day off and make pasta with pulpo. Sunday we had shakshuka and lots of sushi for dinner, because a friend went to a cooking workshop. We did the dogsitting for her and got the leftover Sushi in turn.

I had my post Covid tests this week, including a CATscan, an echocardiogramm and a complicated lung function test. All came out in the normal range, so i am really happy, because this means i can finally train again without worrying. As i gained some kilograms this year, this is good news. The bad news is, that i am now officially on a diet. And as i had a reaction to the contrast fluid, i have to get steroids for every new CATscan.


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