finally 2022

This last weeks perfumes were Zoologist Civet, First EdT, Chanel No5, which still does not suit my style (i dont think it will ever do…). L´ Air de Rien, 4160tuesdays Meet Me On The Corner, Chanel No19 for New Years Eve and i started the new year with Niki de Saint Phalle.

current knitting project, socks as usual…

We are trying to loose some weight, so i am not cooking so many different dishes as usual. But i made pork belly with miso and broccoli, the boyfriend did an indian inspired lentil soup. We had lots of baked pumpkin with feta and a bit of fettucine and the weekend i made a big chicken in milk with lemons and garlic. And a bottle of a nice Cremant from Alsace for the New Years Eve.

I had to work all days between Christmas and new year, so i did nothing special. We just try to get outside for a walk each day, if it is not raining. its a nice time to get connected and talk about the day. And since my boyfriend is working from home since nearly two years because of Covid, its the only time to get outside for both of us.


2 thoughts on “finally 2022

  1. I’ve got a sister who has worn Chanel No5 for years and so it never feels like something that could be ‘mine’ (the curse of multiple sisters is trying to differentiate ourselves). I always thought I wasn’t a Chanel person at all, but surprised myself by liking Coco. I’m currently out of love with the perfumes I’ve been wearing the past couple of years and feel like a complete change. My heart is calling for something warm and exotic with a powdery edge and definitely some jasmine in it. Should be fun looking at the options.


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