Weekly diary

This weeks perfumes were all spring-inspired, because i am so fed up with the dreary and grey skies. I tried to feel a bit more inspired and at least smell a bit like it will be better weather and blue skys soon. So i dug out Biagiotti Roma, Cleef and Arpels First EdT, Doe in the Snow, Aromatics Elixir, SJP Covet, Iris Rebelle and sunday i wore SJP Lovely Sheer.

I had not much time to cook, we mostly lived from last weekends cooking and some simple cold dinners. I made some fried potatoes with egg and shrimp and sunday i experimented with a korean silken tofu hotpot, which was spicy and warming, just what we needed in this kind of weater. We went to a birthday party with coffee and cake. One of the guests had fun doing a baristas job with some very fancy ethiopian coffee beans and all sorts of gadgets. Even i liked the coffee- usually i dont drink it, because i dont like the bitter taste of it, but this was really good.

i also started another pair of socks for the boyfriend, while we were sitting in the train to the birthday party. Otherwise i did not get much things done, i was just working, doing some online zoom meetings or just relaxing. We thought about flying to the Canary islands in march, but i am not comfortable with spending so much time with other people in a big hotel during this pandemic, so maybe we will rent an apartment in Alsace or simply stay at home.


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