Weekly diary

Perfumes of this week were Scherrer (worn twice), Vintage Opium, Black Gemstone (good, but not something I like to wear), Fils de Dieu for Friday, Occur, Calligraphy Saffron and Vintage Miss Dior and later Narciso white cube, because they share the gardenia note.

Nina Lee dress, one pot pasta and the persian Nowrooz meal.

On my plate I had some Indian chicken legs with rutabaga puree, that was really nice together… I made Khoresht e Karafs, a persian stew with celery and meat plus lots of parsley and mint on Nowrooz. On Sunday there was one pot pasta for lunch, because we were hungry and I just wanted some simple pasta. The boyfriend made beef cheeks simmered to perfection in its own juices. We nearly ate this with a spoon. And we had a great red wine from Montalcino to accompany the meal. Plus I baked egg nogg cake, for the weekend.

I finished the dress from Nina Lee patterns and like it a lot. Sadly it is too thin to wear now. I also made boxer briefs for my boyfriend and started the Gilbert top from Helen’s Closet.

Sewing underwear

I made two jersey boxer briefs for my boyfriend in the last days. This is the John boxer briefs pattern from Pattydoo, and I have made them before. They fit really well and are quite easy to make.

You need just half a meter of jersey and some elastic. The front of the briefs is lined, so it does not scratch the skin.

This time I also sewed them on request, because he really likes to wear them. Sadly he did not want to pose in them, so I have no pic how they look worn…

Weekly diary

Perfumewise I started the week with Zagorsk and Covet. I am on the last drops of Tommy The Girl, but it’s still not thunked. Wednesday I wore L Air de Rien, Friday a combination of Rose Flash plus Coriandre to make the rose less jam like. Saturday was lots of Roma, because it’s such a no brainer for me. Sunday started with Eau de Lancaster and later What I did on my holidays.

Easter cookies, the old shoe factory, the grain mill I shop at and a new Rivermont dress I made

On my plate I had pasta with spinach and Gorgonzola, homemade burgers, marinated pan-Asian chicken legs with cauliflower, sausages with savoy and spaetzle and on Sunday I made Seelen, a svabian bread roll, Persian rhubarb Ragout and a cake for tea.

Svabian Seelen, which means Souls

I did a lot of sewing and cutting out fabric and finished a dress from Nina Lee patterns, the Mayfair dress, that I plan to wear to work tomorrow

Mayfair dress

Weekly diary

This week the NST project was Absinth, so I wore some absinthe related scents like Niki de Saint Phalle, Chypre Mousse, Jil Sander No4 and Memoir Woman. I also wore Evoke, Perles de Lalique, Cabochard, Dzing, Ambre de Merveilles and tested Lebretons Grimoire today. I like cumin, but this was a bit much.

Kuku with broad beans and a Denim jacket

We did cook a bit and made pasta con le sarde with saffron and raisins, some homemade pizza. Saturday was Kuku, a sort of persian frittata with broad beans and parsley and today I am still in the process of making pork shanks with a nice crust plus savoy and potatoes.

I finally nearly finished a denim jacket that I started last summer. The pattern is from Itch to Stich and it’s the Atenas jacket. Now it only needs some buttons and I need warmer temperatures to wear it….

And I got new summer ballerinas. I think this color is a neutral, goes with everything! And very comfy too.

Weekly diary

I tried starting work again, but was sent home after 2 hours. So I spent more time recovering and of course wearing perfumes. As the weather was mostly sunny and springlike, I was craving fresher scents. So I wore Covet, Roma, Eau de Lancaster, Margiela Untitled and nearly thunked Tommy The Girl. Friday I wore Meet Me On The Corner plus Niki de Saint Phalle in the evening. Saturday was lots of Empreinte and today I wore SJP Lovely Sheer and Cabotine in the afternoon.

Covet, a part of my Saturday walk and my Sunday dinner

On my plate I had chicken with Ras El Hanout on savoy cabbage with Kurkuma and barberries. I made bavarian cabbage with oven potato chips and spicy brats and a sheet cake with sour cream and apples, which turned out nice. Sunday I made Koresht e Rivas, a persian beef Ragout with saffron and rhubarb. This sounds a bit strange, but is delicious. And I like the smell and taste of saffron. Plus I baked a grain and rye bread. Usually my boyfriend does the bread baking, but he mostly make French style country bread and I had a craving for a dark rye.

I was still very exhausted at the start of the week, but got better on Friday. I even managed a 6km walk with the boyfriend without needing to rest on the sofa. And today I felt like my old self again, maybe a bit more tired, but I got things done like vacuuming and sweeping the floors. I even got a whole dress cut and finished today, it was not a very complicated one, but nevertheless.

After five weeks of being sick, it will be nice to get to work again tomorrow. I hope this time I will cope.

Weekly diary

As the community project this week at the NST blog was yellow or gray, I wore some grey scents like Full Incense, Fourreau Noir, Attaquer Le Soleil and mb03 by Biel plus some yellowish scents like Eau Duelle and Felanilla. Sunday I had a craving for something more citrussy, because we finally had some snow and put on Lovely Sheer and later Cristalle Verte.

I did not have too much time to cook, so it was a big batch of chicken paprikash, baked pumpkin with Feta Creme and Hummus and salmon with Miso butter pasta and steamed broccoli. And I made congee, to see if this could be something to eat for breakfast.

I spent a lot of the weekend on my sewing machine and made a pinafore for a friend who loves to cook. I also cut and finished a wearable muslin of the cashmerette Harrison shirt with short sleeves. It was not as complicated as I thought I would be. Maybe it still needs some minor corrections after a test wear.

Weekly diary

For the week of Christmas I wore mostly cuddly scents, so Rose de Petra, Ambre de Merveilles, Absolue pour le Soir, Fille en Aiguilles for Christmas eve, Kenzo Amour, L Air de Rien and Calligraphy Saffron on Sunday.

Because both of us were on holidays, we had more time to cook. So we had loup de mer with spinach, stifado with a puree of potato and rutabaga, pizza with radicchio, lardo a d Gorgonzola, homemade pasta with mushroom sauce, pumpkin soup with meatballs and a great ossobuco with risotto milanese for Christmas dinner.

We spent Christmas at home and did not visit our parents, because of Covid and a lockdown, but it was not bad, because usually we have to drive at least 8 hours to do our rounds, which is a bit stressful if you have to do this in 4 days… Instead we had a quiet celebration for two with good food and wine and watched ‘Love Actually’ afterwards. It even snowed at midnight.

I also finally finished my corduroy Ellis skirt and another Rivermont dress from a fun lipstick print.

Weekly diary

Perfumes i wore this week: Untitled, Cabotine, Kenzo Amour, La Pausa (dislike), Iris Poudre (too elegant), Zoologist Elephant plus testing some fig perfumes like Premier Figuier, Ninfeo Mio, Figue Blanche and Fico d´India. I am still undecided, maybe i just stick with a few decants and don’t buy a FB. Sunday scent was Pour la Belle by Schlossparfümerie Stuttgart, a very classic and mossy chypre.


On my plate: Lamb and potatoes, oxtail stew with Semmelknödel, smothered fennel with gorgonzola and salsicchia, sausage salad, quark dumplings with rhubarb compote and tete de beau (veals head) with sauce gribiche and potatoes, raw broccoli salad with cheddar, peanuts and barberries. I made some “Seelen”, a typical Swabian bread roll for breakfast, soo good!

Creative: i did a lot for sewing preparation on saturday and cut two dresses, one nightshirt and a muslin for a denim skirt. I finished the nightshirt and also finished my mashup Concord/Plantain T-shirt from a special fabric with little sushi rolls.

img_20200508_065706I think the pattern now fits really good, so i finally have a good fitting t-shirt pattern. Next time i will shorten the sleeves a bit.

I wore a lot of remade clothes this week, because i try to participate in “memademay”, where sewists all over the world are wearing their own creations this month. Its also inspiring to look at all the photos at instagram.

Weekly statistic

Perfume: L´Air de Rien, Felanilla, Incense Flash, Fils de Dieu de Riz et des Agrumes, Oriental Lumpur, Bottega Veneta, Attaquer Le Soleil -Marquis de Sade. Neu gekauft: Les Années 25 Bis. I bought a mini of Tauer Les Années 25 Bis.


Auf dem Teller: Broccolisalat, Kimchi-Suppe mit Tofu, Tex-Mex-Bohnensalat, Hühnerschenkel auf Curry-Blumenkohl, geschmorter Wirsing mit Fleischpflanzerl, Fish and Chips vom Foodtruck und selbstgebackenes Apfelbrot.

On the plate: Broccoli salad, Black bean and corn salat with bell peppers, chicken leg with cauliflower sheet pan, smothered savoy cabbage and meatballs. We had fish ´n chips from a food truck and some homemade apple bread (swabian winter specialty for christmas)

Buch und Film: “Boys Life” fertig gehört, eine Geschichte über die Kindheit in den 60ern, teils mit etwas surrealen Einsprengseln, aber trotzdem sehr Hörenswert. Den Fantasyband “AO” habe ich nach dem ersten Band abgebrochen, war einfach zu schlecht erzählt. Serienmässig bin ich wieder mal im Star Trek Universum gelandet und reise nun mit Captain Janeway, leider für mich die schwächste Serie… I finished the audiobook “Boys Life”, which was a nice story of a childhood in the 60ies with some surreal Stephen King-esque add-on. Nevertheless a good story. Tried to read a german fantasy “AO”, but had enough after the first book – a waste of my time. I started Star Trek Voyager this week, although its not my favorite one.

Wir waren auf der Stuttgarter Herbstmesse, ein teurer Besuch, denn ich habe eine neue Nähmaschine bestellt, die Elna 680. Fast 200 verschiedene Stiche und andere Gimmicks…. Einweisung und Abholung sind dann hoffentlich nächste Woche. Nachdem ich 30 Jahre lang meine alte Bernina sport 702 hatte, ist das ein Sprung ins Computerzeitalter. Ich bin gespannt. We went to the Stuttgart autumn fair, which was a very expensive visit, because i finally tested some new sewing machines and ordered a ELNA 680 with almost 200 different stitches and gimmicks. I sewed 30 years on my old Bernina, so i am now entering a new level of technique. 

Reiseplanung: Nächstes Jahr soll es nach USA gehen, auf jeden Fall nach San Francisco,Yellowstone, Grand Canyon und Vegas. Die Planung läuft! We are planning next years vacations in the USA and pondering our route. San Francisco, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas are on our list.


Weekly statistics

Getragen/Worn: Bottega Veneta, MM Untitled L´Eau, Batucada, Fils de Dieu de Riz et des Agrumes, Covet, Felanilla, Calligraphy Saffron

Auf dem Teller: Zucchinisuppe, Kimchi Fried Rice, Tomatensalat, Koreanischer Schweinebauch mit Kürbispüree, Kalbskopf mit Sauce Gribiche, Griessnockerlsuppe, Linseneintopf.

On my plate: Zucchini soup, Kimchi fried rice, tomato salad, Korean pork belly with pumpkin puree, veals head with sauce gribiche, soup with semolina dumplings, lentils with tomatoes and meat


Kreativ: Das Hemd für den Freund ist fertig. Und noch ein Pembroke Dress aus einem supergünstigen Stoff vom holländischen Stoffmarkt. Und dazu senfgelbe Strumpfhosen! I made another pembroke dress from a cheap jersey i bought at the Holland Stoffmarkt. Now wearing mustard pantyhose for some color!



Wardrobe by me – Tropical Shirt


Nähen für Männer ist ja nicht immer einfach, schon alleine, weil die Herren ihre ganz eigenen und meistens nicht sehr modischen Vorstellungen haben. Nachdem ich meinen Poloshirt-Träger zu Sommerhemden überreden wollte, fand dieses Schnittmuster dann doch Zustimmung.

Die Anleitung ist von Wardrobe by Me, eine Indie-Schnittmuster-Firma, die übrigens noch diverse andere hübsche Anleitungen hat. Vernäht habe ich einen dünnen Seersucker, damit das Hemd auch schön luftig ist. Schöner Nebeneffekt: muss nicht gebügelt werden. Das erste Hemd hat schon ohne Änderungen recht gut gepasst, hier habe ich die Schulterpartie minimal verschmälert.

Vom Nähprozess her war die Anleitung wirklich sehr gut und übersichtlich, unklare Beschreibungen gab es eigentlich gar nicht. Sogar unterschiedlich grosse Brusttaschen für verschiedene Grössen waren im Schnitt angegeben, inclusive genauer Platzierung der Taschen.

Stoff für ein drittes Hemd habe ich schon daheim, diesmal in einem dunkelblauen Karo…

Sewing for men is not easy, mostly because they want functional clothing and nothing fancy. I managed to persuade my guy to try some summer shirts instead of his usual polo shirts and he really likes them and WEARS! them.

The pattern is from Wardrobe by me, an indie pattern company. I made it from seersucker, because it is light and airy and doesn’t need to be ironed – always a plus! The pattern was well constructed and the instructions were easy to understand. It even had different sized breast pockets for bigger and smaller sizes! 

The pattern fit quite well without alterations. For the second shirt i made a small narrow shoulder adjustment, and now the shirt fits even better. A third shirt is in the making. 

Retro-Shorts John

Von der John Retro-Unterhose habe ich inzwischen schon zwei Stück genäht und es sind noch mehr in Arbeit. Der Schnitt von Pattydoo ist wirklich recht einfach zu nähen, das einzige was mir immer noch zu schaffen macht ist die Burrito-Technik, weil ich die Schnitt-Teile gerne mal falsch zusammenstecke. Nach ein bisschen Nachdenken und Kopfkratzen geht es aber wirklich sehr schnell.


Ich nähe die Shorts immer mit eingezogenem Gummiband, dann sitzen die schön angenehm, und kein Gummi kratzt auf der Haut. Die Säume werden einfach mit der Zwillingsnadel abgesteppt. Das geht sogar auf meinem 30 Jahre alten Nähmaschinen-Schätzchen….

Die Passform ist echt super, der Mann trägt die Dinger tatsächlich freiwillig. Zumindest solange ich mich mit der Stoffwahl zurückhalte.

This is the second pattydoo John pattern, that i made for the boyfriend. The pattern is really easy to make, only the burrito method of sewing together the padded front makes me think long and hard. After that it is sewn together really quick. I do a a tunneled elastic, so nothing scratches. The legs are just finished with a twin needle (even my old 30year old sewing machine works with a twin needle!).

The fit is really good, the boyfriend is wearing them without complaints and lets me make more of them (as long as i choose the right fabric design ….)

Acacia – Megan Nielsen


Nachdem ich inzwischen mit der Verarbeitung von Jerseystoffen ganz gut zurechtkommen, habe ich mich nun an einem Resteprojekt versucht. Da bietet sich Unterwäsche förmlich an, denn hier wird meist nicht sehr viel Stoff benötigt. Ausserdem kann man neue Unterwäsche immer brauchen!

Bei Megan Nielsen gibt es das Schnittmuster umsonst, wenn man sich für den Newsletter anmeldet. Zuschnitt und das Zusammennähen der vier kleinen Teile war ruckzuck erledigt. Leider dauert dafür das Annähen des Falzgummis deutlich länger. Wenn man aber geduldig viele Stecknadeln zum Fixieren verwendet, lässt es sich dennoch problemlos nähen.

Der Schnitt sitzt wirklich gut, die Höschenteile umfassen wirklich das Hinterteil und kriechen auch beim Tragen nicht woanders hin. Der Stoff war ein Rest vom Stoffmarkt, aus dem Stoff selbst wurde ein T-Shirt für meine Mutter.

I finally made my first underpants. The pattern is Acacia from Megan Nielsen, and it is free, if you sign up for the newsletter. A perfect project for small remains of fabric. I used some remaining fabric from a T-Shirt for my mother….

Cutting the pattern and sewing the parts together was done really fast. But sewing on the folded elastic was a bit fiddly. But if you use enough pins for fixating the elastic, it is not difficult, just takes some time. The fit is really fine, the back part is big enough, so it does stay where it is supposed to stay. No creeping towards the middle!

Weekly statistics

Getragen/Worn: Fils de Dieu de Riz et des Agrumes, Camelia Chinois, Fille en Aiguilles, SJP Covet, Coriandre, Roma, AC Jasmin Angelique, Sel Marin, Montale Intense so Iris

Gekocht/Gegessen: Linsen und Würstchen, gebratene Zucchini aus eigenem Garten mit Burrata, gebratene Sardinen mit Tomatensalat, Schweinebraten italienisch mit Rosmarin und Knoblauch, Nudeln mit Spinat und Mozzarella

Cooked: Lentils and sausages, fried homegrown zucchini with Burrata, fried fresh sardines with tomato salad, pasta with spinach and mozzarella, roast pig shoulder Italian style with lots of rosemary and garlic. Went for dinner on Tuesday for some pasta.

Gesehen/Watched: Deep Space Nine ist fertig, nun beginnt die Suche nach einer anderen Serie. I finally finished all series of Deep Space Nine, now i am searching for another series, still undecided.


Gereist: Ein Wochenende in München, teils aus nicht so schönem Anlass, aber dennoch hatten wir einen netten Tag im Eiscafé, am Flaucherbiergarten, ein bisschen Füsse in einem Zufluss der Isar gekühlt und ein tolles Essen im HaNoi in der Au. Last weekend we went to Munich and had a nice Vietnamese dinner with friends, went to the Eiscafé and the Flaucher Beergarden and cooled our feet in a small stream near the Isar.

Kreativ/Creative: Der Teahouse Dress ist endlich fertig, aber Fotos kommen erst noch. Dafür habe ich mich im Unterwäsche-Nähen versucht und sowohl für mich als auch für den Mann je eine Unterbüx genäht. I finally finished the Teahouse Dress, but i have not made photos yet. And i tested underwear patterns and made some underpants for me and the boyfriend.

Weekly statistics

Getragen/Worn: Fils de Dieu de Riz et des Agrumes, Camelia Chinois, Eau de Merveilles Bleue, Jicky, Dune pour Homme, White Musk, SJP Lovely Sheer

Gegessen und gekocht/Cooked and eaten: Risotto mit grünem Spargel, Pizza mit Kapern und Sardellen, Hummus, Johannisbeermuffins mit Eierlikör, Linseneintopf mit Rhabarber, eine riesige Platte beim nachbarschaftlichen Griechen. We had Asparagus Risotto, homemade Pizza with capers and Anchovis, Hummus, a lentil soup with rhubarb, i made redcurrant muffins and we were dining out at our local greek and ate a huge meat platter.

Gelesen/Gesehen: Deep Space Nine, immer noch. Audiobook Stein und Flöte von Bemmann, nur was für Märchenfreunde, da ein bisschen langatmig. Still watching Deep Space Nine on Netflix. On Audiobook is Stone and Flute from Hans Bemmann.


Im Garten wurde der Kirschbaum beschnitten und aus den Kirschen haben wir eine Maische für Schnaps angesetzt. 120l Kirschen gepflückt! Ein bisschen Jahrestag feiern auf dem Balkon mit Cremant von Herrn Mullenbach aus Niedermohrschwihr. Und der Lenox-Shirtdress wurde fertig! Und es passt….

We had our cherry tree cut, because it was much too big and then plucked 120l of cherries to make cherry spirits. A litte feast on the balcony for our anniversary with a lovely cremant from Mullenbach. And i finally finished the Lenox shirtdress. It fits!