Weekly musings

Spring is finally there, so my scents reflected that, at least a bit… I wore Synthetic Jungle (sadly a bit too screachy lily of the valley on me, otherwise it would be great. But well, money saved, the decant will be enough…). Covet, Patou Joy EDT (inspired by Portia and OldHerbaceous), topped up in the evening with a drop of Salome, a first wearing of my new bottle of Fidji EDT (would love to smell the vintage version), First EDT, Aromatics Elixir and Eau de Rochas for sunday.

Cherrys are blooming!!

My voice was so bad, that i was on sickleave after monday, because i was not able to talk to my patients at work. So i had time to cook some nice meals. As the BF is working from home, he always appreciates a nice lunch. I made japanese inspired roasted bellpeppers with rice, pasta with leeks and minced meat, a big pot of lentil soup, using up some parmesan rinds to cook into the soup. Friday i had time to go to the farmers market, so i made fried liver with onions and mashed potatoes and a dinner with asparagus and swabian herbed „pancakes“ called Kratzete.

I spent lots of time knitting, so my blue cardigan is nearly finished. I just have to knit the icord edging (which i hate to do), so instead i cast on another project, a thin TShirt for summer wearing in a cherry pink wool and cotton yarn from Holst. Plus i had time to binge another series on Disney, The Resident, which i really liked. My BF is always making fun of me, that i like those hospital drama series, but being a doctor, this is really fun to watch, because it has nothing to do with a real hospital.

I also joined the local gym again after a three years hiatus. I decided that although the cycling is good for my cardio exercise, i also should try to build up some muscles, now that i am nearing my 60th birthday. I had my first trainer session on saturday, so now some very unknown parts of my body still hurt. Tomorrow i will try the yoga practise….


Weekly musings

This weeks perfumes were Perles de Lalique, Dryad, Silences (lovely, but the new version is very fleeting, thankfully it is cheap!), Mitsouko EdT, Chypre Mousse, What i did on my holidays and i finally wore a tester of Vintage Ivoire. I liked this scent very much and was sad that it is discontinued, like many of the chypres of older times….

On my plate i had lamb ragoutwith carrots, Moussaka, that a coworker brought, pasta with cauliflower, anchovies and breadcrumbs. Sunday i had rice, first with fish and broccoli, later with fried yuba knots. They are made from dried tofu skin and really taste a bit like dried meat.

I also finally finished two cardigans and sewed on the buttons. The blue one is made out of sock wool and i used a pattern from the 1940s. The red one is the Timepiece cardigan from an Ailbiona pattern. This was knit topdown from a sportweight swedish wool. I really like the shaping if the compound raglan sleeves. I knit the longer version, maybe i make another shorter one next year.

I had troubles with my vocal chords last week, so much that i could hardly speak and had to practice silence for the weekend. It is still not better, so i will see a doctor tomorrow.