Weekly diary

As this week was sample week at NST, I dug out some samples from my box. So i tested Heeley Chypre 21 ( not a Chypre at all, just powdery green almondy on my skin), Superstition No13 ( nice incensy amber), Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs (not too bad for a white flower scent, orange blossom and tuberose, but not cloying) and TDC Sens & Bois, which was a sample favorite. A nice woody and peppery scent with a bit of ginger and citrus, perfectly good for everyday wear. I wore my beloved Aromatics Elixir on Tuesday , Scherrer EDT for saturday and a combo of Felanilla and Calligraphy Saffron on sunday ( there is not too much saffron for a perfume, is it?)

Sunday scent combo

I also managed to train on my crosstrainer 5times a week plus a long walk with the boyfriend. I also made some progress on knitting the first sock for the boyfriend, doing a variation of the Kai-Mei pattern of Cookie A, just because i find the construction a bit more interesting than plain vanilla socks. I am still reading a crime novel placed in WWII, The Unexpected Return of Josefine Fox, its not bad of a Prime reading book, but i had better crime novels, still want to finish it.

I made more time in the kitchen this week, so we had baked parsnips with a pumpkinseed-oil herbed dip, a big pot of turkey curry with tomato, a barley risotto with braised kale and miso plus brussel sprouts with soy sauce and omelett. I made a pot of lentil soup with tomato and anchovis. Some gnocchi with feta and salsify, a salad of yellow beets and ducks breast with teriyaki sauce, oven-baked pumpkin, gomasio and rice. Not a bad week for cooking on a diet, i must say….

Sunday dinner

Weekly diary

remnants of a roman road, just before a fall in the mud

Perfumes this week were mostly rose-centered, so i wore Perles de Lalique, Lady Rose Lion+ Mitsouko, Patou Joy EDT, Coriandre+Agent Provocateur, Rose d´Arabie+Musks Khoublai Khan, Knowing+Paloma Picasso and Fils de Dieu plus L´Air de Rien after a shower, because i lost my footing in the mud…

On my plate i finally made my first Kare Raisu, a simple japanese curry with pork, carrots, potatoes and curry cubes. This was a really simple meal, but very nice. Reminded me of our stay in Japan, when we went into a curry shop. I tried a savoury curry porridge with some remains of the curry plus egg for breakfast and liked it a lot. We had orecchiette with ricotta and broccoli and another day with broad beans. Friday was a pot of shakshuka. Saturday i made Khoresht-e-Rivas, a persian beef shin ragout with saffron and rhubarb and lots of herbs and sunday was a ducks breast with asian cole slaw and gnocchi.

I managed to work out every day of the week, either taking a walk or on the crosstrainer with a 2hour walk in splendid sunshine on sunday. We went to the remains of an old roman road, but sadly i slipped in the mud and went down, but nothing was hurt, but my pride… I finished a pair of socks, but must weave in the ends.

Weekly diary

This weeks perfumes were all spring-inspired, because i am so fed up with the dreary and grey skies. I tried to feel a bit more inspired and at least smell a bit like it will be better weather and blue skys soon. So i dug out Biagiotti Roma, Cleef and Arpels First EdT, Doe in the Snow, Aromatics Elixir, SJP Covet, Iris Rebelle and sunday i wore SJP Lovely Sheer.

I had not much time to cook, we mostly lived from last weekends cooking and some simple cold dinners. I made some fried potatoes with egg and shrimp and sunday i experimented with a korean silken tofu hotpot, which was spicy and warming, just what we needed in this kind of weater. We went to a birthday party with coffee and cake. One of the guests had fun doing a baristas job with some very fancy ethiopian coffee beans and all sorts of gadgets. Even i liked the coffee- usually i dont drink it, because i dont like the bitter taste of it, but this was really good.

i also started another pair of socks for the boyfriend, while we were sitting in the train to the birthday party. Otherwise i did not get much things done, i was just working, doing some online zoom meetings or just relaxing. We thought about flying to the Canary islands in march, but i am not comfortable with spending so much time with other people in a big hotel during this pandemic, so maybe we will rent an apartment in Alsace or simply stay at home.