Weekly diary

This week I wore only scents from my bottles, no decants. Vintage Miss Dior, Fils de Dieu, CK One 2017, Niki de Saint Phalle with my zodiac sign, Lovely Sheer, Assam of India and Chypre Siam

All my bottles this week

On my plate : chicken legs with beet salad, pumpkin soup with lentils, sausage salad, asparagus quiche, asparagus with herbed quark, savoy and chickpea curry in coconut milk, chickpea omelet with ham

Asparagus quiche

Made: I finally finished another shirt from blue and white chequered seersucker for the boyfriend and made buttonholes the first time on my new machine. They turned out great.


Weekly diary

Worn: Sandflowers layered with Acqua di Sale, Roma, Terracotta, Fils de Dieu, Granville (still reminds me of a rheumatism ointment, but classier), Lovely Sheer, Bracken Woman, Florabotanica

On my plate: coleslaw, broccoli soup, bun with veggie burger, pumpkin soup with curry, lentils and coconut milk, salmon with noodles, asparagus and tuna sauce, fresh baked seeded rolls (the boyfriend badly burned his thumb and has a big blister)

Made: I am sewing some underpants for the boyfriend and have cut out another shirt for him.

Watched:I started watching the series Bones. I have read Reichs books, but this is just loosely related to them. Anyway it’s fun to watch

Done: our whole practice had to be tested for Covid after having contact, so we had to line up at the test center outside on the sidewalk, all wearing masks, looked funny….

The Mirri Dress

Although I started sewing early at 16 and made much of my own clothes until I finished university I am now not a very accomplished seamstress. I managed to make some successful garments, that look reasonably good, but I have a lot to learn.

I like dresses, because I don’t have to think about matching tops with skirts or pants, just have to find some matching panty hose without holes and I am good to go.

As I looked at the patterns from Wardrobe by Me, I was attracted by the Mirri Dress, because I like draped tops, and this one seemed not too revealing, which is a often a problem if you have a larger bust.

I bought two jersey coupons at the Stoffmarkt in Heilbronn to test the pattern before buying a more expensive fabric. And I am really pleased with the results

The drapey faux wrap really sits nice and is cut high enough. I cut out European size 44 and graded to 46 to accommodate my bigger waist, because I am more a busty apple than a pearshape

The pattern consists of 5 main pieces plus 2 strips for the sleeves. After you made the pleats of the front piece, the rest comes together quickly. Only the shawl collar is a tiny bit fiddly. I did not alter anything on the pattern and can recommend this for a bit adventurous beginning sewists. I am sure I will make another one soon.

Weekly diary- still on lockdown

Worn: Azurée, Chypre Mousse, Coriandre, Florabotanica, Memoir Woman, Untitled L’Eau plus AC Jasmin Angélique, Batucada, Cristalle Eau Verte

On my plate:Shakshuka, filled pancakes, pumpkin soup, chicken paprikash, Broad bean salad, lamb shanks with green beans.

Watched: an old series from the 80ies, North and South, lots of great Filmstars like Liz Taylor, Patrick Swayze, David Carradine etc, a fun and a bit sentimental watch

Made: I found my sewing MOJO again and finally finished my Fringe Dress I cut last year and made the Mirri dress from Wardrobe by me.

Weekly diary lockdown edition 2

Worn:Jil Sander No4, Oil Fiction, Covet+Jicky, MKK+Lovely Sheer, Baruti Indigo +Untitled, lots of Terracotta, Camelia Chinois, Empreinte, Cabochard

On my plate : greens and boiled potatoes, Wraps with fillings, homemade pizza, vegetarian Chili, Lasagne, Bavarian sausage salad, savoy with minced meat and pasta, broccoli-lentil salad with raisins, mint and baharat, asparagus with vinaigrette

Watched: The Valhalla Murders, a very good mini crime series, located in rejkiavik

Reading: Still reading a SF novel called Rosewater

Creative : still knitting my cardigan.