Weekly diary

I only packed some decants, so I wore Ajmal Evoke, Chypre Mousse, Notes de Yuzu and Tommy The Girl. I tested Figment Woman but had to scrub it.

Noodles the cat wants to be petted

As we rented a very nice renovated barn in Burgundy we did cook a lot. So we had chicken with baguette, Omelette, lentil salad and mussels a la Creme with a nice Cremant. Some pasta with eggplant and minced meat and a big lamb shoulder with potatoes and creamed savoy on Sunday.

Along the Canal de Bourgogne again

We visited Flavigny, first did a walking tour around in the fields and vineyards and afterwards visited the city and the bonbon factory of the famous Anises de Flavigny. We had a coffee in the Cafe outside and looked at the exhibition of the bonbon production.

Café in the yard of the Abbaye de Flavigny

Sadly the weather got worse so we just managed to walk a bit at the Canal de Bourgogne and had to stay indoors because of heavy rain the whole weekend. But we fired the wood stove and had time to read and relax and even knit a bit.