Weekly musings

Perfumes this week were Eau de Lancaster (office decant stash), L´Air de Rien, Eau Duelle for the burial of my boyfriends mother, Doe in the Snow, Roma, Calligraphy Saffron, Occur and Amira Gold for sunday evening.

pigs trotters soup, cellars and candles, red maple leafs

On my plate this week was a Thai Curry (at the restaurant after the burial), pasta with chards and ricotta salata, pigs trotters soup with glass noodles and chickpeas – an adapted chinese recipe, a curry with sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and pomegranate seeds, pasta gratin with kale and pumpkin in gorgonzola-bechamel sauce. And the boyfriend made three biig loaves of apple bread.

We went to the burial on wednesday. At least 60 to 70 guests were attending the service and aroud 30 went to the tradiational meal afterwards. Thankfully my boyfriends father coped very well with the situation, still its hard to loose the partner after 62 years of marriage…

On sunday we went to a wine testing at a renowned winery in the Stuttgart region. We tasted at least 10 to 16 different white and red wines and also some sparkling wine. It was interesting to compare wines from the same grapes with different terroirs and we could also test some of the „Grosses Gewächs“, the german version of a Grand Cru. We did not like all of the wines, even one of the most expensive ones was not our taste (neither our budgets taste too!)


Weekly musings

The colder weather is finally here, so i can wear heavier scents. Vol de Nuit EDT for monday (this sounded soo good, but it is much too powdery vanilla and not enough galbanum, alas…), Femme de Rochas, Dzing!, Memoir Woman, Zagorsk and for sunday i wore Salome (still would like a bottle, but one tiny spritz is more than enough, so i try to empty my decant first).

On my plate i had persian celery ragout with meat, indian tomato chicken curry, a giant pot of hungarian bean and pork ribs soup and some rucola tomato salad.

After i had got a cold 4 weeks ago, finally my dry cough got better, so i was able to get on my bike again on friday. I am not very fit after coughing for weeks, but it was great to get outside again, even in the rain and cold. Thankfully i had bought rain trousers and a rain jacket, and they really kept me dry!

I also found my knitting mojo again after at least two years of failed projects (… okay, i made socks, i can knit them in my sleep) and after finishing my Victory jumper i am well into my 40s cardigan in a navy sock wool. I also made new fingerless mitts, because i lost my old grey pair last winter in a fall in the dirt. Such a nice project to use up the remains of sockwool.

Because of the energy crisis we turned the heating down and wear a lot more warm clothes at home. The boyfriend requested a cardigan, so i ordered some grey heathered swedish wool online at Eddna, plus some icelandic wool and unspun plötulopi in a hopefully nice darker blue. I also bought 2 cardigans worth for me in grey and a „sheer red“, which is hopefully a nice color for me.

While knitting i also had time to watch Locke and Key on Netflix. I really like mystery and sci-fi series. I tried to watch Brand New Cherry Flavor, but gave up on it, because it drifted too much into the horror genre. Maybe i give the whole StarTrek series another rerun afterwards. Any other series that you can recommend?

Weekly musings

Perfumes this week had the theme „Easy to wear“, which can mean something different for each person. My easy scents were Fils de Dieu, Ambre de Merveilles, Mitsouko (but it must be the EDT, i dont get on with the EDP), Agent Provocateur, Scherrer, Sens et Bois and Fille en Aiguilles for a foggy sunday.

The Victory Jumper finally finished, a pizza lunch, a view of Ravensburg and waiting for the train…

On my plate i had some tomato salad with mozzarella, boiled potatoes with herbed quark, pasta with tomatoed miso butter, peas, truffle oil and parmesan ( a really simple dinner, but tasted really luxurious), greek avgolemono soup with rice and sunday lunch at a pizzeria in Ravensburg… i had a half of quattro formaggi and a half of capers and anchovies pizza

On friday my boyfriends mother finally died peacefully at home on the day of her 87th birthday, so we spent sunday traveling to visit his father. We went by train and spent 8h traveling for 4h of a visit…. The town of Ravensburg is not too far away, but it takes 3h by car for 190km and more by train. At least i managed to knit one fingerless mitten on the train ride for the coming winter, as i lost my last pair…

Weekly musings

This weeks perfumes were more intese, due to the colder weather. So out came Paloma Picasso, Dryad, Ambre Russe, Bottega Veneta (should wear this more often), Bois de Vanille for the candy CP on NST, vintage Shalimar and today Monteil Royal Secret, a discontinued and forgottenn gem.

Donkeys at our local farmers shop, focaccia and a walk in the graveyard

On my plate i had beef ossobuco with rugabaga puree, pasta con ragu di salsiccia, a homemade focaccia made by the boyfriend and spaetzle with cheese and savoy cabbage. And oat plum cake for saturdays tea…

vintage knitting from the 40ies in progress

I am still nursing the remainder of my cold, so i spent lots of my evenings knitting. I started this cardigan i think three weeks ago and finished the back, now i am on the first front half. Its not speedy knitting, because its sock wool with 8stitches to an inch on 2,5mm needles. On the other hand i hate thick knitwear and hopefully this cardigan will get a lot of wear, when it is finally finished. I really like the style of the 40s, but patterns in my size with a 40inch bust are hard to find, people were so thin during the WW2…. I also finished the Victory Jumper from the V&A pattern archives, but need to darn in all the yarn ends, hopefully i can post a pic of the finished sweater soon. I am still bingewatching Agents of the Fringe on Prime FreeVee, and i will be sad, when its finished.