Weekly musings

Perfumes this week had the theme „Easy to wear“, which can mean something different for each person. My easy scents were Fils de Dieu, Ambre de Merveilles, Mitsouko (but it must be the EDT, i dont get on with the EDP), Agent Provocateur, Scherrer, Sens et Bois and Fille en Aiguilles for a foggy sunday.

The Victory Jumper finally finished, a pizza lunch, a view of Ravensburg and waiting for the train…

On my plate i had some tomato salad with mozzarella, boiled potatoes with herbed quark, pasta with tomatoed miso butter, peas, truffle oil and parmesan ( a really simple dinner, but tasted really luxurious), greek avgolemono soup with rice and sunday lunch at a pizzeria in Ravensburg… i had a half of quattro formaggi and a half of capers and anchovies pizza

On friday my boyfriends mother finally died peacefully at home on the day of her 87th birthday, so we spent sunday traveling to visit his father. We went by train and spent 8h traveling for 4h of a visit…. The town of Ravensburg is not too far away, but it takes 3h by car for 190km and more by train. At least i managed to knit one fingerless mitten on the train ride for the coming winter, as i lost my last pair…


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