Weekly musings

Perfumes this week were Scherrer, Givenchy. III, Aromatics Elixir followed by Chypre Siam, Fiji, topped up with Cabotine, Coriandre plus Tea Rose and Batucada for a sunny sunday

bavarian breakfeast for lunch, asparagus and Kratzete for dinner

On my plate i had greek gemista, risotto with broad beans, green beans with tomato and bratwurst, Hunanese pork belly, a bavarian breakfast with weisswurst, sweet mustard, brezeln and weissbier and asparagus for dinner.

I did lots of biking this week, thrice to work plus two times to the gym for lifting (sadly i am a bit unfit, but i hope i will improve). I got some time knitting on my Hør No15 teeshirt, but the fine wool takes time knitting. Sunday i cut out a new dress in a nice navy. and white viskose fabric, hope to get it finished on monday.


Weekly musings in Vienna

Perfumes this week were mostly decants and testers because of travel. Mandarine Basilic ( did not like it), 5th Avenue NYC, Rose Flash, Lovely Sheer and Orangers en Fleurs. When i came home i wore Meet me on the Corner, later Silances and Cabotine for sunday

Secession building, Yoshitomo Nara and Klimt plus Dobostorte

I went out eating ecery day in Vienna, so i ate a Donburi at Doburi restaurant, a big pizza napoletana, Hunan pork belly and later a but sushi for dinner. Just sandwiches for my two days of traveling, pasta and tomato sauce, asparagus salat with trout and tirtilla and later soy sauce chicken on sunday

Tube entrance, the famous Frankfurt kitchen, pork belly and artwork

I visited the Klimt exhibition at the Belvedere, which was really good. So much great art to see and also the picture frames were exquisite! I went to the Albertina Modern. They showed Yoshitomo Nara, an unknown artist to me, but i really liked his works a lot. My last day at Vienna i visited the Naschmarkt in pouring rain and cold, so mot much fun. Later i went to the Museum for Angewandte Kunst. They exhibited the famous Frankfurter Küche, which was the first modern kitchen, designed in the late 20s and built nearly 10000 times for workers quarters in Frankfurt city.

Went back to germany on thursday with a stopover in munich to visit my mother and drive her at an assisted living facility, that she wanted was maybe interested in. Every few weeks she changes her mind about what she wants, can’t decide, this is really stressful….

I was glad to get home late on friday, spent my saturday cleaning and sunday to work out and do some knitting. Do you have elderly parents that cant get around on their own but refuse to get help??? What did you do?

Weekly musings

perfumes this week were Azurée, Womanity, Dryad ( perfekt for a coolish spring), Sens & Bois, Chanel No19, Memoir Woman and a Elisabeth Ardens 5th Avenue from a small tester.

vienna impressions, Prater, Schnitzel, Hundertwasser house, vintage body scale

On my plate i mostly had frozen leftovers, but also smothered fennel with fried salsicchia, wine and appetizers from the opening evening at the congress. As i am in Vienna i also ate a big Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad and sunday evening i went to a traditional Gasthaus and had a huge plate of Schweinsbraten ( roast porc) with a dumpling and sauerkraut. And a beer of course!

Sadly i overate a bit and woke up at night with heart palpitations and fast pulse. this happens sometimes to me, but it took over an hour to get better, before i could try sleeping again. So i am feeling a bit meh this morning and had to skip the first lectures. Hopefully they will be online later.

I found a nice AirBnB near Prater with an operatic singer, she is really a lovely person, and it feels a bit Bohème in her flat. Also her dresses are a bit dramatic. I like that! I also spent the last two evenings windowshopping and eating oit with a nice collegue from one of my last jobs, so i had nice company too. On my list for this week: Klimt exhibition, maybe perfume shopping, visit the Prater, because i only saw it from outside…..

Weekly musings

Perfumes this week were Scherrer, Niki de Sainte Phalle, Fidji (a blind buy that i really love! A tropical chypre! And cheap as chips!) twice, Iris Rebelle, Doe in the snow and Choc de Cardin

some food, a handknit cardi and an old firefighters ladder, horsdrawn at our local firefighters may festival

On my plate i had salad from fennel and oranges, which i really came to love, asparagus and fish steaks, pasta with broccoli and anchovis, chicken with eggplant and potatoes, salted lemons and ras el hanout and a nice birthday dinner for the boyfriend at our local greek. I had the baby calamari above, they were perfect!

I managed to go to the gym twice, as is my plan, once for yoga, because i am feeling really stiff and once doing weights. Sunday was spent at home sewing. I made a Fehrtrade Duathlon legging and a Cashmerette Brattle top, because i wanted some new workout clothes. It feels a bit silly, but those things motivate me to workout. I hope i can post some pics later.