Holidays in Narbonne

Our three weeks in Narbonne, France have passed, so i just wanted to show a few views of our holidays.

Perfumewise there was not a lot to choose, i took two bottles and two decants with me, but wore mostly Roma and Aromatics Elixir.

A visit to Carcassonne and a bike tour alone the Canal de Robine near Narbonne

We did a bit of sightseeing, visited the historic city of Carcassonne, which was still full of tourists and reminded me more of a film set than an actual living city. Still some impressive views to be seen. We also went to the Abbey of Fontfroide and visited a Saline and also bought some nice local salt. And because the Eurovelo bikeway Calais – Istanbul was nearby, we cycled 30km along and enjoyed the views on a nice bikepath near the sea.

View of the town of Lagrasse and the abbey of Fontfroide plus a look at one of the many Etangs and salines
A visit to the Saline de Gruissan and a walk in the morning at sunrise

Weekly diary and finally Italy

This was the last week at work before we went to Italy and mostly summery scents. I wore Aromatics Elixir twice, Orange Sanguine, Pour La Belle, Scherrer One Love for a more coolish day and Bronze Goddess Azur for a sunny sunday on the porch and a late afternoon at the beach.

On my plate I had homemade pasta with oven roast tomatoes, pork belly Chinese style from the slowcooker, leftovers of turkey leg. We went for dinner in a nice rustic restaurant im Austria and had a plate of cheese and bacon dumplings tirolean style with lots of butter and Parmesan. Sunday we had zucchini fritters and salad for lunch, had a sundowner drink at a beach bar and later a big dinner at a fish restaurant. We had big Antipasti di mare, spaghetti alle vongole and a big frittura mista. Plus lemon sorbet and Café for dessert. We were all totally stuffed…

Went to the Giambella beach on Sunday and had fun playing in the waves. My homemade swimsuit held up really well, even when it got wet and fit nicely. Later we drove to a beach bar and had drinks watching the sunset and went to dine afterwards. The food was so good and we ate until we nearly burst. We are here with two friends of us, and I am so happy to see my girlfriend relatively well and in good shape (cancer sucks). I hope we will all make good memories from this holidays.