Weekly musings

This weeks perfumes were Aromatics Elixir, Chanel No19, L´Air de Rien, Sens & Bois, Gucci No3, Ambre de Merveilles, Covet and Cardin Paradoxe.

japanese dinner and tiny baby socks

We did not have much time to cook, so i mostly ate selfmade leftover freezermeals. The boyfriend made a pasta with cavolo nero and garlic. Saturday i made pasta again, this time with some pulled pork, tomatoes and capers. Sunday was a big pan of tteokbokki with gochujang sauce and broccoli. But i went for dinner with my ladies from work and had a really lovely japanese dinner. They even had takoyaki on the menu and i had a huge tempura sushi roll with shrimp and avocado. It also looked fantastic and they had very nice plates too.

I spent some time more knitting and nearly finished a second sock. I also sewed the first parts of the boyfriend jacket together, so i can tackle the sleeves next. I think i will try knit in short row sleeves, a technique i never tried before, but i will have to do some more research on this first. But i can always rip them out, if they dont look good and knit them as separate pieces…. I also sewed in the first sleeve in my vintage cardigan, but the second one will have to wait for the next time, when there is daylight. Doing this in the evening with only the dinner table light is too much for my aging eyes and my bifocals.

I am still debating, which cardigan to knit with the blue plötulopi unspun yarn, that i bought on a whim, just cannot decide if i knit the Lone Kjeldsen Growing or the TincanKnits Harvest cardigan. I also have an eye on the Timepiece cardigan by Ailbiona, its such a classic and relaxed style. Decisions, decisions! Otherwise nothing really happens here besides working, knitting and cooking. I hope the weather will get more like springtime, because i am itching get back on my bike regularly.


Weekly musings

This weeks perfumes were Dzing!, Bottega Veneta, Botrytis, Femme de Rochas, Coriandre and Calligraphy Saffron for a snowy sunday.

food, wine and knitting, whats not to love!

I did not have too much time in the kitchen, living with some freezer precooked lunches and sandwiches for dinner. But i had a really big dinner with a friend at a vietnamese restaurant and a Hanoi platter to share, which was delicious. I also had a Doner Kebab, a brussel sprout and carrot soup with dumplings and a very big roast chicken with Ras-el-Hanout, carrots and sweet potatoes. And this fun wine above!

I helped a good friend packing for a move for two days, because i had some days free and did lots of moving things, taking stuff up and down the stairs etc. But as she treated me to this lovely vietnamese dinner, i won ´t complain. Anyway, it was a true workout, so that was a plus!

I made some progress on my boyfriends cardigan and finished at least one sock for my mother plus nearly a pair of baby socks for a friend. I knit some swatches, hoping to decide on my next cardigan project, but will have to think a bit about it. Maybe i can cast on another project next week.

2022 in review

I do love lists and statistics, so i always keep stats on my perfume wear each year. My taste changes a bit each year, new perfume loves appear, others fall out of favor. I did not buy many new bottles in 2022, i think there have been no more than five plus some decants, because i now want to enjoy my collection more and not hunt for the next „new“ (or old and discontinued gem).

The winner was Aromatics Elixir with 18 wears, followed by Sens &Bois with 16 wears. Roma and Scherrer EdT got 15x skin time and even Perles de Lalique got worn 10times. Also worn more than 5x were Eau de Rochas, Givenchy III, Agent Provocateur, Cleef and Arpels First EdT, Meet Me On The Corner and Mitsouko EdT. I feel a strong chypre theme still going on here 😉

I also got a lot of books and audiobooks finished, because i spent a lot of time driving or biking to work, which makes a lot of listening possible for audiobooks. Some of it was „easy listening“ like Harry Potter or a lot of crime stories from Tess Gerritsen or Linda Castillo. But i had a lot of fun with Matt Ruffs Lovecraft Country. I also read Maggie O ´Farrells This must be the place, that i liked a lot for all the interesting feelings linking the protagonists. I also liked Matt Haigs Midnight Library, although it was a bit foreseeable. I found a interesting and funny book from a japanese female author with the title „Butter“, a mixture between a crime story, emancipation story and japanese womens rights. I can really recommend it!

We spent five days on a bike tour along the five rivers between Nuremberg and Regensburg and had a lot of fun plus a good deal of physical activity. A good way to be allowed to eat as much as you like! The second holidays were spent in the South of France near Narbonne, where we mostly relaxed, cooked, drank wine and went on some nice walks. Maybe we will return there next year!

I spent some time at the sewing table and made a few dresses. I also rediscovered knitting, which i never really quit, but mostly only made socks. But that year i also made a 40s jumper, nearly finished another 40s cardigan and i am now knitting a cardigan for the boyfriend at the moment. Must hurry up to finish before it is spring!