Holiday bike tour – Five Rivers – FünfFlüsseRadweg

Perfumes for this week were mostly the same, i just took a decant of Eau de Rochas on tour. But when i got home, i wore Fiore dell Onda, Givenchy III and Fan di Fendi Eau Fraiche

nice historic renaissance houses, the Ludwig-Donau-Main-Channel
the old railway track was made a bike lane, view of the „Steinerne Brücke“ in Regensburg, cooling our feet and river views
drinkable water fountains on the way, the cells in the Fronfeste, typical views. from Frankonia

This week we went on our first longer bike tour, beginning on sunday. We drove to Wendelstein near Nürnberg , parked the car and started our adventure. The first day was a shorter ride to Schwaig, but we visited a bit of Nurnberg city and had some cake and coffee.

Monday was the longest and hilliest part of the tour, 75km in the scorching heat with 36C. Gladly there was a lake, where i took a short swim to cool off. The river we followed was the Pegnitz, which was a lovely meandering river and luckily there was also a bit of shadow. In the afternoon we reached our destination Amberg, where we booked a room in the Fronfeste, a former historic jail. We got the jail directors suite, which was nice and roomy and thankfully also cool! After a beer. and some Schweinebraten with dumplings we were soon fast asleep….

Next day we biked along the Vils river, some part of the tour was an old railway track and it was mostly flat, so the 80km were not to exhausting. After a stop in Kallmünz with some Leberkäs in a bun we finally reached Regensburg, where we had a room in the historic part of the town near the Danube river. We did a bit of sightseeing and had a nice vietnamese dinner.

The next day was a shorter ride, about 55km to Riedenburg along the Danube, the Altmühl and the Donau-Main-channel. Lots of views and old castles to see. Nice meal with Schnitzel and potato salad in a historic town center.

Thursday we went to Neumarkt along the historic old Ludwig-Donau-Main-Channel, built in the late 1800 by the first King Ludwig of Bavaria. In just 10 years they finished over 170km of this channel, its unbelievable! The path mostly went along the channel, so it. was an easy ride. We had a room in the St. Josef cloister, which was simple, but clean. Dinner was indian food.

Friday we rode back to our car, had another Schnitzel in the town where we had parked, bought some lokal sausage (Nürnberger Stadtwurst) and drove home again.

This was really a great tour, that i can recommend. Its not too difficult, mostly flat, no great inclines, great bikelanes and wonderful nature and rivers to see! There are enough beergardens and restaurants on the way, so you cannot starve, although we mostly. bought some buns from the bakery or the butchers for lunch…


Pietra Shorts and catching up

I lost my blogging mojo for some weeks, but now i am back! I still wore scents everyday and even kept tabs, but had no nerve for blogging. This week i wore Cristalle Eau Verte, Scherrer EdT, Untitled L´Eau, my mix of Coriandre and Tea Rose, Tommy The Girl (thunked the decant, a dab of vintage Givenchy III (which made me buy the current version blind, i hope i like it, when the bottle gets there!). Saturday was lots! of vintage Chanel N019 EdT and sunday i wore Beachy.

new Pietra shorts, a vegetarian burger with a black bean patty and a zucchini fritter inside plus a view of the alottment garden

On my plate this week were lots of zucchini, because we have 7!!! plants in the garden. My boyfriend has gotten crazy… So pasta with zucchini sauce, zucchini fritters, yellow beet salad, sausage salad with kimchi, a veggie burger. with homemade bun and Korean chicken wings for sunday evening. We try to eat lots of veg, and with the garden exploding with produce, this time of year it is easy to do.

I got on my bike three days this week, so i managed 135 km, not so bad. Saturday i finally cut and sewed the Pietra Shorts from Closetcore patterns, that i bought some weeks ago. This pattern had really good reviews, and honestly, they are true. I cut a size 12 according to my hips and a 14 for the waist. The pattern pieces came together fine, although there could have been some more notches for the folding of the pockets. But after some headscratching, i also managed this. I liked the. method of inserting the back elastic. The finish was really neat and the fit was good.

Next time i will cut a size 12 without adding to the waist and maybe lengthen the legs a bit. I made smaller low seat adjustment, but otherwise nothing else. I think i will try the view with the tapered legs next for fall.