Christmas week

This week i wore Doe in the Snow, Ambre de Merveilles, Paloma Picasso EdT, Cafe Tuberosa, Fille en Aiguilles for christmas eve and the next day, mb03 and Adam Levine for Sunday

my coworkers made me a new door sign for my office! plus a view down Solitude alley in Ludwigsburg

I did not much of cooking, but i had marinated tempeh with broccoli and rice, some savoy soup, a nice christmas buffet from my coworkers and pasta with broad beans and feta. We made svabian lentils with beef tongue and spaetzle for christmas eve dinner and had leftovers the next day. Plus some cookies, that my mother made.

Christmas time was a bit stressful, because we have to travel three hours one way to meet my tiny family, just my brother and my mother and drive back two days later. It would not be so bad, if the family meeting was more harmonious, but my mother is constantly complaining about this and that. So we drove home the next day, and were glad to spent at least one day in peace to relax, before i have to work the next day. And because the weather cleared up a bit, we had a good long walk with even a bit of sun.


Weekly diary

Perfumes this week were Aromatics Elixir, Chanel No19, First by Cleef and Arpels, Paradoxe, Scherrer, Dzing, L Air de Rien and Agent Provocateur

We still try to loose some weight, and had lowrr calorie meals with cabbage soup, rabbit with mushrooms, pulled turkey, pasta with ricotta and spinach, scrambled egg with kimchi and chicken legs with filled pumpkin.

We managed some evening walks but were too lazy for everything else, because of the grey and cold weather and spent too much time on the net.

3rd advent

Perfumes this week were Knowing, Chypre Mousse, Perles de Lalique, Lady Rose Lion, a mix of Musk Tonkin and L Air de Rien, Dryad on Friday, Calligraphy Saffron and vintage Shalimar for Sunday. I am still debating buying van Cleef and Arpels First, although it’s a soap bomb on me, but I love a Chypre in nearly all its forms

Christmas lights, a nice salad and a walk across the fields

Sadly I finally am on a diet, as I faced my scale and found that I gained nearly 7kg since my covid-19 infection, because I did not dare to work out. Now that I am cleared with a lot of tests, I have nothing to worry about, so I can finally do some cardio. I started to track my food intake,but this does not mean I want to eat food I don’t like. Thankfully my boyfriend will eat the same as I, so I think I will get on track without problems.

We had pasta with Ricotta and spinach, savoy with fried fish filet. I even went to the company’s Christmas dinner and had a nice meal with salad and smoked duck breast, ramen soup with shrimp and a nice piece of beef with spaetzle and potato salad. We had filled pumpkin with bulgur and a tomato and borlotti sauce and miso aubergine with rice and braised rabbit. Luckily it did not feel much like a diet at all.

We managed two longer walks this week, Sunday for two hours and I watched two sentimental Christmas movies.

First advent week

Perfumes this week were Agent Provocateur, Cleef and Arpels First (still undecided on this), “Arpege, Scherrer EdT, Felanilla, Attaquer Le Soleil, Cardin Paradoxe and Theo Fennel.

Advent wreath and view from our hometown

We were visiting with parents, so we mostly ate what was offered to us. We had leftover sushi on Monday with Miso soup, Pasta with tomato sauce at my mother’s, spaetzle and Rouladen twice at my boyfriends parents. When we returned we made broccoli soup, pasta with spinach and Ricotta and a big roast chicken with baked pumpkin slices for Sunday.

Our holiday week went over much too fast, most of it was spent driving, sitting and talking with our parents and a bit lounging in front of the TV. But I managed some walks and finishing the second Olympia dress, that I had cut out since some weeks ago.