Christmas week

This week i wore Doe in the Snow, Ambre de Merveilles, Paloma Picasso EdT, Cafe Tuberosa, Fille en Aiguilles for christmas eve and the next day, mb03 and Adam Levine for Sunday

my coworkers made me a new door sign for my office! plus a view down Solitude alley in Ludwigsburg

I did not much of cooking, but i had marinated tempeh with broccoli and rice, some savoy soup, a nice christmas buffet from my coworkers and pasta with broad beans and feta. We made svabian lentils with beef tongue and spaetzle for christmas eve dinner and had leftovers the next day. Plus some cookies, that my mother made.

Christmas time was a bit stressful, because we have to travel three hours one way to meet my tiny family, just my brother and my mother and drive back two days later. It would not be so bad, if the family meeting was more harmonious, but my mother is constantly complaining about this and that. So we drove home the next day, and were glad to spent at least one day in peace to relax, before i have to work the next day. And because the weather cleared up a bit, we had a good long walk with even a bit of sun.


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