Weekly diary plus lots of sewing

The weather definitely turned into spring, so some fresher scents came out of the storage. Camelia Chinois, that i hope to thunk this year, Aromatics Elixir twice, Synthetic Jungle ( a bit too much Muguet for me), Mitsouko EDT, of which i finally scored a used bottle for a good price, Covet, Paloma Picasso, Sense & Bois topped up with mb03, because it was raining all day

a summer cycling combo of Surf to Summit top and Rouleur leggings with a fun animal print

On my plate there was a big burger with a vegan pattie, a curry with chickpeas, sweet potato and broccoli, spare ribs with a nice salad and saturday i wanted to use up a big savoy and finally improvised canelloni with savoy, dried tomatoes, porcini and rosemary with a porcini bechamel and truffled pecorino. This was really good, much better than i thought. Definitely will make it again.

Canelloni with savoy filling

I spent lots of time with sewing, first i cut out and finished my muslin of the Rouleur leggings from Fehrtrade patterns. I used a mix of a grey and a leopard activewear jersey. The pattern came together faster than i thought, and i had no trouble at all with the instructions.

After finishing the leggings i made another Surf to Summit top, this time to match the Rouleur leggings. As i have made this pattern twice before, this was sewn in about an hours time, so a really fast make. I cut of the high collar and did a crewneck instead with contrasting turquoise bands at the neck and arms.

I also made an Axis top by Sophie Hines, but i had to alter the pattern a bit to fit my bust and get a. bit more coverage in the axle area. I also lengthened it a bit to reach my waistline. This might be a good top for going to the gym or for a yoga session, because it stays put and does not roll up.


Sewing sportswear- finally!

Since my friend Petra gifted me a book about Sewing Activewear i contemplated on sewing my own sports clothes, especially because most of the bike clothes do not really fit me. it seems, that every woman on a bike has to be very slim and small-busted. Most of the ready-to-wear things often do not even come in my size, which is really frustrating. And mostly i have problems to fit my D-cup sized bust into normal clothes.

I started with the basic pattern of Melissa Fehrs „Sewing Activewear“ book and first did a muslin of some leftover swim fabric, some bike shorts and a longer legging. As this all went well and without problems i ordered some interesting fabrics from a German seller called „Extremtextil“. I bought a very nice and thick stretch with merino plus some thinner fabrics for summer shirts and shorts.

As i wanted a raglan top, because this fits often better in the shoulders i finally bought the „Surf to Summit Top“ from Fehrtrade plus the Rouleur leggings for biking base clothes. The leggings were made from the base pattern of the book. For the top i first made a muslin with a thin t-shirt fabric to wear under it, then i finally cut into my good warm fabric.

Basic leggings and the Surf to Summit top plus my trusty ebike

I printed out the pattern at home and had no trouble to assemble it, all fit perfectly. Also the sewing of the different parts is really easy and the pieces fit together well. There were enough notches for putting together and the sewing part took maybe an hours time. Instructions were good, with text and pictures and easy to understand.

The only thing that i changed was the collar opening. I thought about inserting a zipper, but with the bulky fabric i did not like the idea after sewing a mockup on a fabric scrap. So i just cut the front part not on the fold, sewed it together leaving a slit and did a contrasting collar lining, that i folded under and stitched in by hand.

All things considered i am quite content with my new bike clothes. The sizing of the pattern is a bit on the looser side, so if you want it tightfitting, maybe size a bit down. I did cut a size M, although i am a 14US or a 16UK size, so even a bit more curvy ladys have the chance to make nice fitting workout clothes with Fehrtrades patterns. Plus- Melissa seems to be a really nice person too. I had a problem with my order and she sorted it out in just a few hours (on Easter weekend!).

My psychedelic wearable muslin of the basic leggings

Weekly diary and Easter holidays

Thankfully this week was a shorter one because of the holidays. The weather got nicer every day, so i wore more fresh and springlike scents. Starting with Sens & Bois, Pour La Belle, Womanity, my special mix of Tea Rose and Coriandre ( you should try this, soo good), Chypre Siam, Scherrer and Doe in the Snow

Views from a very long walk around Ludwigsburg

On my plate I had pasta with turkey-tomato-sauce, lots of leftovers from the freezer, a Falafelburger on our long walk plus icecream and a burger with fish fingers and salad. Saturday was pasta again, this time with shrimps, miso butter and bottarga. Sunday we ate lots of braided easter bread with ham and hardboiled eggs plus persian celery-beef ragout with lots of parsley and mint.

This time we stayed at home over the easter holidays, so we just relaxed, watched videos, took some walks. The long walk on Good Friday was nearly 18km, so i was really exhausted and went to bed very early. I also took some time sewing some sleep shorts from a green seersucker fabric and finally started with my bike-clothes in earnest. I also managed to bike twice that week to work, which is not a bad thing, because this means nearly 90km biked!

Morning view on my bike commute, cold, but sunny

Weekly diary

Perfumes worn this week were L´Air de Rien, Shaliar, Gucci No3, Cardin Paradoxe, Chypre Mousse, Drya, Agent Provocateur, a layering of Lovely Sheer and Tea Rose (nice combo) and Cleef and Arpels First EdT for sunday.

Views of spring

On my plate i had lots of leftover, potato soup, Chicken with gochujang, smothered savoy with brats, shakshuka and i made a braided easter bread.

Otherwise nothing much happened besides of work, taking some walks and spending the whole saturday on renewing my radiooncologic license in an 8hour course plus exam…. I am hoping to have some more time for doing nice things next weekend.

Weekly diary

This weeks perfumes were a bit of a mixed bit, because the weather was very april-like. It started with warm weather, so out came Patou Joy and Cabotine, then it got really cold and it started to snow on saturday, so my cold-weather scents got an outing. It was Sens & Bois, Fourreau Noir, Dzing!, Vanille Absolument, Calligraphy Saffron and Theo Fennel.

Blossoms in spring with and without snow

As i had time at home, because of a bad case of laryngitis i could not really speak at all and therefore could not go to work, i had more time to cook. Thankfully i felt not bad or sick, just lost my voice and was not allowed to speak. This was something my boyfriend found really funny, i am sure he enjoyed the silence!

On my plate i had bulgur patties with broccoli, a greek Avgolemono-chicken soup, a soup with Maultaschen plus an old-fashioned potato soup with sausages. I made some Japchae, greek filled bellpeppers with rice and miso noodles with broccoli and salmon for sundays lunch.

I also spent some time at my sewing machine and made a long warm bike leggins from some very nice polar stretch with merino, which i hope will keep me warm on my bike. I also finally tackled the Metra Blazer from Lovenotions in some pinstriped ponte, that came out very nice and also made a matching skirt. No pictures yet, but i will post some later..