Weekly musings

Perfumes this week were Bal a Versaille, Agent Provocateur, Theo Fennel, Mitsouko, Tea Rose for the CP on NST, Chypre Siam and the good old No 19. I am starting to get out more of my heavy hitters, because its finally getting a bit more like autumn, although the weather was really warm this week.

a nice gift from a patient (with sock wool too!), pumpkin-kale ribollita and finally falling leaves

On my plate i had a ribollita with pumpkin, kale and borlotti beans, oven baked veggies with brats, a tortilla espanola, cabbage with curry and coconut milk and minced meat and today a big schnitzel with potato salad

i still nursed the cold i had last week and a laryngitis too, so i went to work , but did not do much, because i could not talk with my patients. Nevertheless my boss was happy that i showed up at all, otherwise we would have to close the practise…

I did a very slow bike ride on saturday, just 12 km, because it was really warm and sunny. So nice to be outside again. I hoped i could get back on the bike next week, but i am still not completely alright, so this will have to wait.


Holidays in Narbonne

Our three weeks in Narbonne, France have passed, so i just wanted to show a few views of our holidays.

Perfumewise there was not a lot to choose, i took two bottles and two decants with me, but wore mostly Roma and Aromatics Elixir.

A visit to Carcassonne and a bike tour alone the Canal de Robine near Narbonne

We did a bit of sightseeing, visited the historic city of Carcassonne, which was still full of tourists and reminded me more of a film set than an actual living city. Still some impressive views to be seen. We also went to the Abbey of Fontfroide and visited a Saline and also bought some nice local salt. And because the Eurovelo bikeway Calais – Istanbul was nearby, we cycled 30km along and enjoyed the views on a nice bikepath near the sea.

View of the town of Lagrasse and the abbey of Fontfroide plus a look at one of the many Etangs and salines
A visit to the Saline de Gruissan and a walk in the morning at sunrise