Weekly musings

This weeks perfumes were Dzing!, Bottega Veneta, Botrytis, Femme de Rochas, Coriandre and Calligraphy Saffron for a snowy sunday.

food, wine and knitting, whats not to love!

I did not have too much time in the kitchen, living with some freezer precooked lunches and sandwiches for dinner. But i had a really big dinner with a friend at a vietnamese restaurant and a Hanoi platter to share, which was delicious. I also had a Doner Kebab, a brussel sprout and carrot soup with dumplings and a very big roast chicken with Ras-el-Hanout, carrots and sweet potatoes. And this fun wine above!

I helped a good friend packing for a move for two days, because i had some days free and did lots of moving things, taking stuff up and down the stairs etc. But as she treated me to this lovely vietnamese dinner, i won ´t complain. Anyway, it was a true workout, so that was a plus!

I made some progress on my boyfriends cardigan and finished at least one sock for my mother plus nearly a pair of baby socks for a friend. I knit some swatches, hoping to decide on my next cardigan project, but will have to think a bit about it. Maybe i can cast on another project next week.


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