Weekly musings

Perfumes this week were Eau de Lancaster (office decant stash), L´Air de Rien, Eau Duelle for the burial of my boyfriends mother, Doe in the Snow, Roma, Calligraphy Saffron, Occur and Amira Gold for sunday evening.

pigs trotters soup, cellars and candles, red maple leafs

On my plate this week was a Thai Curry (at the restaurant after the burial), pasta with chards and ricotta salata, pigs trotters soup with glass noodles and chickpeas – an adapted chinese recipe, a curry with sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and pomegranate seeds, pasta gratin with kale and pumpkin in gorgonzola-bechamel sauce. And the boyfriend made three biig loaves of apple bread.

We went to the burial on wednesday. At least 60 to 70 guests were attending the service and aroud 30 went to the tradiational meal afterwards. Thankfully my boyfriends father coped very well with the situation, still its hard to loose the partner after 62 years of marriage…

On sunday we went to a wine testing at a renowned winery in the Stuttgart region. We tasted at least 10 to 16 different white and red wines and also some sparkling wine. It was interesting to compare wines from the same grapes with different terroirs and we could also test some of the „Grosses Gewächs“, the german version of a Grand Cru. We did not like all of the wines, even one of the most expensive ones was not our taste (neither our budgets taste too!)


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