Weekly diary

Perfume theme of this week was samples and decants, so i wore Rochas Femme, Azurée, a sample of vintage Givenchy III (very nice!) and vintage Amazone. I got a new decant of Synthetic Jungle, that i wanted to try since it came of. Its an interesting green-lily of the valley scent with an enormous staying power. I think i will gladly use up the decant, but will not need a bottle of this. I tried Splendiris, but this was much too powdery and sweet for my taste, plus it had too much of a violet note to agree to my nose. It also reminded me of the cheap L´Oreal lipstick i own, so this is a definitive dislike for me. Sunday i wore Iris Rebelle, which is a bit more of a clean smelling white powdery iris, not too special, but at least nice to wear. I also wore Covet, because i love this in spring weather.

Biking along the Neckar river with a beergarden visit plus icecream, because we have earned this.

We had lots of nice meals this week on our staycation holidays. We were on the way home from my boyfriends parents and stopped to have dinner at a vietnamese place for some bun noodles and duck plus spring rolls. Next day was Gyoza. We had gyros with fries and greek salad at a nice beergarden at. the Neckar river and some icecream 20km later. I made pasta ricotta e spinaci and a dinner of baby chicken and cauliflower from the oven plus cheese-filled gnocchi. I tried a recipe for Peposo, a tuscan beef stew with lots of wine and pepper, that. turned out great and was served with polenta. Sunday i made pasta with veggies, lentils and ricotta plus a big salad for dinner.

The weather this staycation week was really warm and sunny, so we finally started biking again to get out in the sun. Our first tour this year was 50km along the Neckar river. It was not crowded, because it was wednesday, so we were often the only ones on bikes. The next day we wanted to dine in France at a Michelin star restaurant for lunch, but i felt an infection coming plus i got a contact warning on my Covid app, so we sadly had to cancel our lunch. But luckily my test came back negative, so it was just a bit of laryngitis, but its much better now.


One thought on “Weekly diary

  1. Glad to hear your infection isn’t too bad. It’s always best to play it safe. I bought a set of four samples of some scents from Marks and Spencer and am wearing those in rotation at the moment. One is not really my taste (Amongst the Orange Groves – although it has Jasmine in it, that is drowned by the predominant citrus notes) and the one I really like a lot – Under the Palm Trees – has a coconut note and I usually really dislike that! Goes to show you have to wear the perfume to come to a decision.

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