Weekly musings

Perfumes this week were mostly from the office decant stash… I wore Covet, Givenchy III, Eau de Rochas, Fan di Fendi, Scherrer EdT, Perles de Lalique, Sens et Bois and Mitsouko EdT

New knitting project, homebaked rolls and seelen and a view of the bike race that happened just in our street

On my plate i still have tomatoes and more tomatoes from our alottment garden, and zucchini of course. So we had lots of salad, with mozzarella, raw, as tomatoe sauce with gnocchi and some zucchinifritters and fried ones. We also had a smaller harvest of bellpeppers, so there are bellpeppers simmered with tomatoes and merguez this evening. Saturday i got adventurous and finally tried the vegan ramen broth with soymilk from JustOneCookbook. Its really delicious and although the components take a bit of time, it was really easy to make and perfect for a cooler, rainy day. We also baked lots of rolls and svabian seelen, so i have something to take to work from the freezer. And some chocolate chip cookies, because the oven was still hot….

I managed to bike to work four times, so i put in 180 km this week, which i am really proud of. Plus i finally finished my taxes, because this is something that i always procrastinate, but doesnt everybody else too?

I got some new yarn, that i ordered, because i wanted to start another jumper. I cast on yesterday and hope to wear it in the early fall. The pattern is the „Your victory“ jumper from the 1940s, the pattern is available for free from the V&A Museum in london. The pattern is written for a 32inch bust, oh my, all those skinny ladies of the war times. So i did a bit of research on ravelry and found some hopefully helpful notes for a 40inch bust. My swatch came out okay, but i have to use 2,75mm needles with a thin sock yarn, so this is not a very fast project. But i really like the stripe effect in the stitch pattern and its not very complicated to knit, so i hope it will turn out right.


2 thoughts on “Weekly musings

  1. That new jumper looks perfect. One idea with vintage patterns is to knit them in a thicker yarn to effectively size up. Of course, if you want to duplicate the fit perfectly, then you have to stick with the right gauge and do the maths, but if it’s a more forgiving silhouette sometimes you can get away with knitting a 3-ply or 4-ply pattern in a DK weight wool to give a larger garment whilst following the original instructions.
    We had a massive parade of trucks go past the end of the road yesterday, all tooting their horns and waving at everyone. I think it was an annual charity procession from Norwich to Great Yarmouth.
    I entered a competition this week, the prize being a Brompton bicycle – I’m pretty sure I don’t want to buy one, but if one descended upon me without me making any effort I’d happily provide a home for it.


    1. Thank you, i like thinner knots, so i have to size up snd hope it turns out right. The Brompton is a fun ride, maybe you get lucky! I lile mine a lot


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