Weekly musings

Perfumes i wore were Adam Levine, Rochas Femme, Fourreau Noir (powdered lavender mothballs in a fur coat with a marzipan bar), vintage Opium, a maybe vintage Coco (or a good imitation), Felanilla and today L Ambre de Merveilles, because its so easy to wear in winter.

Advent wreath and commuting views

On my plate i had chicken fricassee with anchovies and capers, boiled potatoes with herring, Avgolemono soup with rice and chicken, spaetzle with cheese and onions. I tried a cocktail called snowbunny with eggnogg, amaretto and hot milk, which was really delicious and easy to make.

This week i think i did my last bikecommute for this year, now the temperature is below freezing, so i will commute by car or public transport. Otherwise i cut a dress for the holidays with a black and silver ponte fabric, hoping it comes out as i would want it to. We had snow on sunday, so we took a walk for an hour and even saw a bit of sun, the last week has been really grey and dark, so this was nice and really lifted my mood. I also got a good part of the socks, i want to make for christmas for my mother, i think they will be finished next week. She always loves new socks, so this is a nobrainer gift for her.


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