Weekly musings

Perfumes of the week: Iris Rebelle, Cleef and Arpels First EdT, Biagiotti Roma, Reve d´Ossian, Dryad and Niki de Saint Phalle for Sunday. I just wore the remains of Dryad on saturday, because i was too tired to choose a new scent, nevertheless it still scented my scarf and sweater nicely.

fresh baked Brezen, made by. the boyfriend!

On my plate i had indian chicken tikka at work, because i treated my coworkers to a nice lunch, to celebrate the new maskless freedom at work, thanks to the new laws!!! I also invited the boyfriend to a nice pizza dinner on friday, because his work week has not been very nice. We ate greek rice and lemon soup, pasta with a tomato-salsiccia sauce and fried salsiccia with gnocchi and red cabbage for sunday. And fresh baked pretzels for dinner. Those are much better than from the bakery, but making them is a bit more difficult, because they have to be cooled to stiffen up a bit, before getting into the lye bath, so we can only make them in winter, the fridge is not big enough.

I spent lots of hours knitting the boyfriends new cardigan, just managed to finish the first sleeve, so i got only one sleeve, the collar and the buttonband to finish. Plus sewing it together, which i hate, but sadly cannot avoid. On the other hand i am itching to cast on a cardigan for myself. I am still debating what to knit, but i think i will try to make the Timepiece cardigan by Ailbiona from the red Järbo wool, that i bought in december. I would really like a classic v-neck oversized cardigan to wear at home, and this seems to be a great pattern. Plus- its topdown, so i don ´t have to sew the pieces and i can try it on.

I had a breast exam this week because of a diffuse slight induration, but thankfully there was nothing on the sonogram. I think i will do an MRT to be totally sure (will have to pay it by myself sadly), but if i get the bad thoughts out of my mind by this, it will be money well spent. Hopefully i get an appointment soon.


2 thoughts on “Weekly musings

  1. You are so creative! And you smell great, by the way; some of my favorite scents. I wish you luck with the additional breast exam. I had “Stage Zero” breast cancer 18 years ago, which was scary even at that early stage, but the radiologist gave me great comfort by reminding me that catching anything that early is exactly why we have regular mammograms. I’ve had clear exams ever since, so my fingers are crossed for you and for me.


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