Weekly diary

This week I wore Mitsouko, Shalimar, Reve d’Ossian, Perles de Lalique (made my boyfriend sneeze and cough, maybe it’s the ISO E?), Agent Provocateur, Felanilla, Ambre de Merveilles, Cabochard and Absolue pour le soir

Sweet potato soup and chicken in pickling spices

I did more cooking this week, so we had Minestrone with pasta, a collegue made waffles for us for lunch, we had Agriade de St. Gilles, sweet potato soup with Miso (inspired by a recipe from Bon Appetit) and a big pot of Indian chicken in pickling spices with rice. The boyfriend made a pot of svabian tripes in wine sauce and baked rye rolls called Schusterbuam. Plus apple cake for the weekend.

With all the covid cases going up, there was not much to do, besides going for walks and 1.5h of biking on Sunday, because it was sunny and relatively warm.

Weekly diary

Perfumes i wore this week were SJP Covet, Biehl mb03 (very nice dry incense), Lutens Fourreau Noir, Chypre Mousse, Vintage Shiseido Zen EdC, ELDO Fils de Dieu and Bulgari Black on Sunday. I tested Oriya Legrand Cuir de l´Aigle Russe, but this was a scrubber on me.

This week on my plate the food was more interesting. I made cauliflower with remoulade, a recipe from my mother, dating from the fifties. We had fried Maultaschen with kimchi, Moros y Christians (rice with bell peppers and black beans), spaghetti alle cozze (mussels), did a halloween pizza dinner with two friends and today there will be something with salmon. And we had fun tasting a new whiskey, that was really delicious. Our empty wine bottles got a photo shoot at the recycling container. There is a fun hashtag on Instagram from a sommelier and wine shop owner, #makeyouraltglascontainergreatagain, where he stands at the recycling container and talks about the wines he tasted. He even got a media prize for this. .

Testing whiskey and the remnants of our last week’s of wine tasting..at the altglascontainer.

The next lockdown light will start tomorrow in Germany, all restaurants, museums, theaters and sport studios will be closed for a month. We will see, how this goes…

Weekly diary

Perfumes I wore were L’ Air de Rien, Persian Gold, Ambre de Merveilles, Adam Levine, Aromatics Elixir, Theo Fennel and Perles de Lalique and Calligraphy Saffron.

On my plate I had lentil salad with pomegranate seeds, oxtail Ragout, pizza with a collegue at work at a zoom meeting. Kottbullar with fried potatoes, noodles with cabbage and bacon, buttermilk pancakes for Sunday breakfast and svabian lentils and spaetzle for dinner.

I was dogsitting a friend’s small Malteser mix dog and took her and the boyfriend for a long walk. We also biked 25km on Sunday in glorious autumn weather and did some gardening in the afternoon

We have started a new series called Babylon Berlin, which is really good and I love the costumes of the 20ies. Still reading the Amuylet series, book 6, still three more to read.

Weekly diary

Perfumes is wore were vintage Cinnabar, which my mother wore (this is so not me…), Margiela Untitled, AC Cafe Tuberosa,, for which I got a compliment from a male coworker, Felanilla for one of the first perfume loves after the rabbit hole, Monteil Secret Royal and Bottega Veneta

Early morning commute in the dark, Felanilla and homemade pizza

I did not a lot of cooking, ate lots of frozen leftovers, but we made pizza on Friday, had fried Maultaschen with kimchi and egg, a lentil salad with tuna, olives and pomegranate seeds and a big bowl of borscht on sunday

I biked to work two days and bought winter biking gloves, because my arthritis in my index fingers hit a lot plus a nice ride on my recumbent on Sunday with the boyfriend.

Watched Chesapeake Shores, which is the equivalent of chick lit. Still reading the Amuylet series. If you like all age fantasy, it’s a nice read. And I started socks for the boyfriend, which come along nicely.

Weekly diary plus quarantine

Perfumes I wore this week were L Ambre de Merveilles, L air de Rien, Fat Electrician, Bulgari Black, Dzing!, Fille en Aiguilles and Agent Provocateur

The doctors outdoor covid testing station, sunrise at my bike to work and New biking shoes

On my plate I had rabbit in vermouth sauce and polenta, chili con Carne, veggie burger, Korean pork belly with cabbage and rice and lentil soup

We spent the first two days quarantined and just got outside for our covid test. Funnily our physicians practice has a small terrace, so all patients wait on the sidewalk outside to be tested there…. I biked to work two days and a third time Sunday with the boyfriend, so I could train a bit on my recumbent bike. There will be some unknown sore muscles tomorrow… And as my old walking shoes I used for biking fell apart we got to a local bike shop and I bought my first real biking shoes with cleats plus a waterproof jacket and a padded boxershort. Now I am set for more biking in the colder months, because I don’t want to use public transport at the moment. I hope I will manage at least two bike commutes per week.

Weekly diary

This week I mostly had decants because I was away. So I wore Tommy The Girl, Chypre Mousse, Rose d Arabie, Azurée and Fils de Dieu. I thunked a sample of Anglomania and today I sprayed lots of Bottega Veneta, because we returned home Sunday.

On my plate was lamb with savoy cabbage, mussels with Cremant, Merguez a d fried zucchini, rabbit with cream and mustard sauce. I made Marcella Hazans tomato sauce with some of my last heritage tomatoes and then turned it into a one pot pasta.

The weather was mostly grey and sometimes very wet, but we managed some more walks along the channel. I read a lot of books and also knit a bigger part of a red raglan cardigan that I started last fall, frogged and started again.

Because nearly all of France is now a region of risk we now have to quarantine ourselves until we have at least one negative covid test and cannot leave of flat. So more knitting time watching Fargo on Netflix, which is really hilarious.

Weekly diary

I only packed some decants, so I wore Ajmal Evoke, Chypre Mousse, Notes de Yuzu and Tommy The Girl. I tested Figment Woman but had to scrub it.

Noodles the cat wants to be petted

As we rented a very nice renovated barn in Burgundy we did cook a lot. So we had chicken with baguette, Omelette, lentil salad and mussels a la Creme with a nice Cremant. Some pasta with eggplant and minced meat and a big lamb shoulder with potatoes and creamed savoy on Sunday.

Along the Canal de Bourgogne again

We visited Flavigny, first did a walking tour around in the fields and vineyards and afterwards visited the city and the bonbon factory of the famous Anises de Flavigny. We had a coffee in the Cafe outside and looked at the exhibition of the bonbon production.

Café in the yard of the Abbaye de Flavigny

Sadly the weather got worse so we just managed to walk a bit at the Canal de Bourgogne and had to stay indoors because of heavy rain the whole weekend. But we fired the wood stove and had time to read and relax and even knit a bit.

Weekly diary

I wore mostly summery scents this week. Sandflowers, Batucada, Cabotine, Cristalle Eau Verte, What I did on my holidays, Lovely Sheer and Tommy The Girl. I am now on holidays and just have packed some decants and samples, so I will see how it goes

On my plate was frittata, a variation of Salade Nicoise with shrimp, Piccata with spaghetti at the Italian restaurant, sausage salad, grilled chicken with butter and artichokes with vinaigrette plus some terrine and French cheeses.

Our futuristic apartment hotel complex in Nancy

Our holidays started on Wednesday and we did some gardening and house work. Friday we went to Nancy, had a walk through the old city, but we had to wear masks the whole time, so we ate at our apartment instead of a restaurant. Did some supermarket shopping in Nancy and off we went to the tiny village of Frolois in Burgundy.

English homes at the cosiest for sure

Our hosts are part English, part French and they renovated an old barn quite tastefully. We have a small garden looking over the valley and it’s nice and quiet here.

Nice terrace

We went for a walk around the source of the Seine, which funnily is a part of the City of Paris and crossed the first bridge of the river Seine.

First bridge over the very tiny Seine river

Weekly diary

Perfumes I wore this week were Café Tuberosa, Olympea, Coromandel, Vetiver Fatal, Memoir Woman, Rose de Petra, What I did on my holidays, Ninfeo Mio amd Tommy The Girl.

Liver with onions at the greek

I did not cook a lot. We had pumpkin soup, a chicken curry with tamarind and coconut, damson crumble and cauliflower salad. Ah, and fried Maultaschen with egg and kimchi. We went to eat at the Greek restaurant and the waiter did not even bother to wear a mask at all… Saturday we met with friends at a Thai to eat outside and I had Pad Thai.

Effects of riding a recumbent bike for the first time

I tried to ride my recumbent and sadly fell, as I tried to do a u-turn. It did not even hurt, but at night my knee swole and next day the surgeon said it was the Meniskus again. So I had some rest and now it feels okay again. I tried again yesterday and managed nearly 10km without any accident. At least I had time to watch some Netflix

Weekly diary

Fall has finally started here, so I wore a mix of summer and fall scents. Fils de Dieu, Aromatics Elixir, thunked my decant of Jasmin Angélique, Rose de Petra, LADDM, Ajmal Evoke, which is a mix of Perles de Lalique and Bottega Veneta for my nose and Bronze Goddess Azur for sunday

Wine shopping

On my plate was fried cauliflower with paprika sausage, zucchini soup with Maultaschen, a big schnitzel with mushrooms and gratinated with cheese, some deer leg with red cabbage and dumplings and pasta aglio e olio.

Walking through the hills in the Nahe valley

We drove to the valley of the Nahe River, a region known for its white wines like Riesling. We visited 4 different wineries and bought a lot of wine for testing at home. Our hotel in Waldböckelheim was simple, but nice and quiet. They even drove us to dinner, so that we could have a glass… Or more and arranged a gratuitous transport back to the hotel. We also had time for a walk through the woods and hills near the Rotenfels, a very nice region.

On Sunday we went to Bonn and I bought a used recumbent bike. I thin I will need some practice to ride it. At the moment I am not able too.

Weekly diary

I was still mostly warm, so I wore Bracken Woman, Fils de Dieu, Acqua di Sale, Vintage Miss Dior and Chanel No19, Chypre Mousse, Gucci No3 and finally Dzing! for a wet and cold sunday

More biking and some fried apple rings with ice cream

We still have lots of tomatoes, so we ate Caprese salad, fried salmon steaks with cucumber salad, zucchini with tomato, pasta with homemade Bolognese sauce and Agriade de St. Gilley with beans and pasta.

I did a lot of biking this week. On Saturday the boyfriend and I biked 20km to a Besen Wirtschaft (the wine producers are allowed to serve food and wine to the public for just some weeks a year, so very rustic food). We ate traditional svabian tripe and roast potato and apple fritters for dessert.

On Sunday we spent much time on the couch, watching Once upon a time in America.

Weekly diary

Perfumes I wore this week were Chypre Mousse (twice), Aromatics Elixir, Mitsouko, Camelia Chinois, Sel Marin, Jasmin Angélique and What I did on my holidays

Homemade pizza

On my plate was a lot of capon and kisir salad leftovers from last Sunday, we made a risotto with peas, some pasta with tomato sauce, a lot of pizza and filled zucchini

I biked to work three days, so I had a lot of cardio workout. We harvested lots of tomatoes and have so much, that we cannot keep up eating them. Sadly nothing else happened here, so what do you do in this corona crisis?

Weekly diary

It was still hot this week, so I wore Jamine Angélique, Niki de Saint Phalle, Orange Sanguine layered with a drop of Bois de Vanille, Aromatics Elixir (which reminded a coworker of her therapists signature scent..), Empreinte, 4160Tuesdays What I did on my holidays, Coriandre and Covet.

A huge capon, cold Okroschka and a beer with a jazz singer

On my plate was Kisir, a Turkish bulgur salad, grilled zucchini, Russian cold Okroschka soup, which is just a salad in soups disguise. We made a big capon on Sunday with grapes and shallots and the last cooked potatoes were used for a Japanese potato salad… The capon weighed 3kg, so we will eat lots of cold meat next week, I think.

I biked to work two times, which is not bad in the heat but was too tired to do much else.

Weekly diary

Scents I wore this week were Memoire d’ une Odeur, Amouage Memoir Woman, SJP Lovely Sheer, Acqua di Sale, Ninfeo Mio, 4160Tuesdays What I did on my holidays, Vintage Chanel No19 and Jasmine Angélique

We did mostly light meals because of the heat like Insalata Caprese, zucchini frittata, lentil fritters, some Tortellini with pesto. I made some simple sushi rolls with tuna and mayo filling and gherkin salad adn some Turkish kisir bulgur salad on Sunday. And some Flammkuchen at a book reading in a winery.

I managed to bike to work on three days. On Sunday we went to a book reading of a famous cook about eating and living in Vienna. The cook was really charming and fun, although we did not buy his book

View from the bridge over the Neckar River, it was over 33 degrees Celsius….

Weekly diary

I tried to wear my most summery scents for the hot weather we had. Orange Sanguine, Jasmine Angélique, lots of EA Green Tea, Camelia Chinois, What I did on my Holidays was worn twice and Roma was funnily my most worn scent for warm weather this year.

We had lots of different salads this week… Watermelon and Feta, broccoli, sausage salad, Cole slaw. Some baked chicken legs with zucchini, bun noodles with herbs and minced meat and different vegetables twice, because we had leftovers. A pizza at the Italian restaurant and this evening we are planning some salmon steak.

I did two days of bike commute and had a test drive on a Brompton folding bike, which was a lot of fun, so I ordered a 6speed in racing green. I wonder when I will get it, because at the moment there are long lists for this bike.

The tomatoes have finally begun to ripen, so we will have lots of caprese and other tomato centric foods in the next weeks.

Weekly diary

I wore a lot of warm weather scents this week. Chypre Mousse, Pour la Belle, Nuit Etoilée, Zoologist Elephant, Batucada, which feels like a short holiday in brasil… Coriandre, LDDM. I gave EL Jasmine White Moss a good wearing, but although the notes seemed to be right, there was something that made me want to scrub it.

I managed to do almost 120km bike commuting this week. I cross some nice bridges, one with historic railway wagons, which are bering restored by a group of railway enthusiasts, some small bridges in the Glems valley. The tomatoes are starting to ripen too, soon we will have a good crop.

On my plate were chicken legs with zucchini, filled zucchini, zucchini bread. Yes, it’s the season!!! I drove to the black forest to drive the boyfriend home and we had lunch there with a big schnitzel and rostbraten. And we had a big Pimms Cup cocktail on the balcony on Saturday

I did not have time for sewing, so nothing was finished. But I finished watching the Broadchurch series, which was really good. It’s always nice, if you cannot guess who did it. Can recommend this.

Weekly diary

Perfumes I wore were Jasmin Angélique, Azurée, I thunked my sample of Florabotanica, but don’t need more… Untitled L’Eau, Chypre Siam, finished a decant of Figue Blanche and now Lovely Sheer for a sunny sunday.

I did not do much cooking, as the boyfriend is still in rehab. I made some gyros and Thai style turkey kabobs. But I managed to make some oatmeal rolls on Saturday, which tasted good.

I did lots of biking and biked to work two days, 22km each way and back and did some gardening in our alottment. The tomatoes are growing nicely. I also bought a rain poncho for biking, although I don’t plan to bike, if it’s raining in the morning.

I bought The People’s Poncho, which has great reviews, but I haven’t tested it yet.

Weekly diary

Perfumes i wore this week were Coriandre layered with Ma Griffe, 4160Tuesdays What i did on my holidays, Cabotine, Memoire d´une Odeur (nice, but very fleeting), Private Collection, Aromatics Elixir, Mitsouko, Terracotta, SJP Lovely Sheer, AC Jasmin Angelique.


On my plate: Chicken legs with Baharat and eggplant, smothered zucchini, green bean salad, meatballs, some Gyros and calamari at the greek restaurant. I did not do as much cooking as usual, because the boyfriend went to rehab on thursday.

I had a mammogram because of the screening program, thankfully i did not have to wait, it was quite empty. I finally managed to cycle to work again  on friday, because the weather finally got better.  The course goes around a mill in an idyllic valley, there are also some high stone benches, called “Gruhe”, where in older times the salesmen could rest their big backpacks on those benches. My commute is 22km one way, so this takes some time, even on an e-bike.

I managed to sew a bit on Sunday and started a hopefully wearable muslin on a denim jacket, hope it will fit okay.

Weekly diary

I wore a lot of beachy perfumes like Sandflowers, Sel Marin, Acqua di Sale and Batucada. Other scents were Florabotanica, which I try to love, but don’t. For the weekend heat I wore Cristalle Eau Verte, Ninfeo Mio and CK One summer 2017.

I did not cook as much as usual with the boyfriend still being ill. I made Thai style chicken with zucchini, salmon and broccoli, a green bean salad with Feta and tomato and another pumpkin soup, this time with curry and peas. Thankfully we were able to dine out Saturday at our Greek restaurant, so I had leg of lamb with gigantes.

I took a day off this week to look after the boyfriend, so I had some time for sewing. I made a kitchen pinafore from the York pinafore pattern, but made the pattern piece for the crossed back myself, because it was not complicated.

I sewed two new cashmerette Ellis skirts, one in yellow, one white for work and tested the letter stitching from my machine. Now on the back pocket of the white work shirt you can read: Don’t cry, work!

I finally finished the last season of Miss Fishers murder mysteries, so sad there is no more, I loved the stories and the flapper fashion immensely. I am into the third book of the Harley Merlin books and can recommend it to all Harry Potter fans.

I have taken another 3 days off to be at home with the boyfriend until he starts his rehab, so I hope I will have some more time for sewing. I still have a lot of projects I want to finish.

Weekly diary

What I wore was: Chypre Mousse, which I am still undecided if I love it or not. Zoologist Elephant, Cabotine, because it’s such a fun green flower bomb, that takes no prisoners. I am wearing Roma a lot more than I thought. Corsica Furiosa is nice, but reminds me of Untitled L’Eau. Empreinte for Saturday, Fico d ‘ Amalfi for the hospital visit and now lots of Terracotta.

I did not have much time or nerve to cook, with the boyfriend being terrible ill, so just scrambled egg with kimchi, shrimps and guacamole, some fried salmon with leftovers.

The boyfriend was dismissed from the hospital after having a bypass surgery on Wednesday, feeling still very weak and short of breath. The next day he was worse, had a pleural effusion again and went back to hospital. He was found to have a hamorragic pericardial tamponade and had an emergency surgery again. Thankfully he is much better now, but visiting is stressful thanks to Covid. I have to fill out a form each time, wear a mask and can only stay for an hour.

But something funny happened too. My mother found a photo on ebay from a great grand uncle, looking exactly like my father. He was a comedian and family legend says he earned money with proposing to rich woman and getting away with the money. His sister had to work to pay back his debt and was a house servant for Karl Valentin, a famous German comedian…

The black sheep of the family

I did some sewing the weekend and am working on another Ellis skirt, this time from yellow denim.

Weekly diary

Perfumes is wore were Ninfeo Mio, Vintage Gucci No3, Fille en Aiguilles layered with Full Incense for my boyfriends surgery day, Coromandel, Camelia Chinois, Cristalle Eau Verte and Covet.

I did not do as much cooking as usual, but I made raw broccoli salad, some salmon steaks with oven potatoes and a roasted cauliflower salad with Ras El Hanout and herbs. And I baked rye rolls.

I spent some time in the clinic to visit my boyfriend, who still is not in a good shape, but is improving slowly. You have to wear a colored bracelet there, to show that you have been checked for a fever, before you can enter and you only can stay for an hour. Hard times for patients and visitors.

But also nice things… A bouquet from a patient, harvesting broad beans in the garden. And watching the Miss Fisher mystery series, such great clothes and hats.

Weekly diary

Perfumes worn this week were Batucada, Fico d’ India, Bracken Woman, Coriandre, Journey Woman, Dzing!, Vintage Cabochard, Fils de Dieu and Roma.

Asparagus quiche and Kuku sabzi

On my plate was chicken with pomegranate molasses and bulgur salad, the boyfriend made a nice quiche with tuna and asparagus, we had some caprese salad with burrata. I tried a persian Kuku sabzi, a herb Omelette with walnuts and fried barberries, which was really good. We had sausage salad for lunch, oxtail stew with semmelknödel, svabian lentils with homemade spaetzle and now I am making chicken with rhurbarb, saffron and dried apricots

I did not have time to sew this week, but we worked a bit on our alottment garden and I harvested the first broad beans.

I finished all series of Bones, the miniseries Freud and started on Aquarius. I also saw Circus of Books, a dokumentary about a Jewish couple having a big gay porno bookstore, it was quite interesting how they felt about their work.

Next week my boyfriend will have a big bypass surgery, so I am a bit nervous about the outcome, hope he will be alright.

Weekly diary

Perfumes this week were:Cabotine from a new bottle, Untitled L’Eau, Tauer Orange Star, which I did not like a lot, Pour La Belle from the Schlossparfumerie Stuttgart, LADDM, Azurée and Mitsouko.

On my plate was some pizza at the restaurant, the first time eating out in weeks. Homemade caprese salad, Oktopus salad. The boyfriend make Ottolenghis eggplant risotto. Pumpkin fritters with yogurt sauce, a roasted carrot soup with fried Hungarian salami and some lentil salad with zucchini and salted lemons.

Pumpkin fritters

I wore memade clothing every day for #memademay and was quite content with the most of my clothes, especially with the new denim skirt I sewed.

Weekly diary

Perfumes worn:Reminiscence Musk with its funny cumarin note, Aromatics Elixir, Messe de Minuit, which smells like an incense toilet cleaner on me, Camellia Chinois, Vintage Miss Dior, Chypre Mousse for World Goth day, Florabotanica, Ajmal Evoke, Montale White Musk, topped up with Musks Koublai Khan.

On my plate:Tortilla Espanola, Baked Aubergine rolls with cheese, asparagus with sauce gribiche, a French beef stew with capers, gherkins and anchovies from the Camargue region, chicken with apricots and lavender from a Diana Henry recipe and a rhubarb crumble for dessert.

I made another Mirri dress and finished another Ellis skirt from a Cashmerette pattern on Saturday and cut the fabric for another Lenox shirtdress.

Weekly diary

Perfumes worn :Covet, Fourreau Noir, Calligraphy Saffron, MKK, L’Air de Rien, Ambre de Merveilles, Orange Sanguine, Roma

On my plate: broccoli salad with cheddar, lentil soup with sausage, pumpkin soup, because we have lots of frozen pumpkin from our garden in the freezer, fried zucchini antipasto, smothered fennel with Gorgonzola, asparagus with salmon Creme, aubergine bake with noodles and minced meat, noodle salad with tuna and roasted broccoli

It’s still Memademay and I am wearing self made clothes every day. As you can see, I love stripes!

I finally finished my new Teahouse dress in a wild matrioschka print and made a wearable muslin of the cashmerette Ellis skirt, but I misread the fly construction, so I have to wear the shirt over it.

Teahouse dress in a wild printed cotton

We spent Sunday afternoon in our garden planting lots of zucchini, pumpkins and gherkins, still have to plant the tomatoes.

Weekly diary

Perfumes i wore this week: Untitled, Cabotine, Kenzo Amour, La Pausa (dislike), Iris Poudre (too elegant), Zoologist Elephant plus testing some fig perfumes like Premier Figuier, Ninfeo Mio, Figue Blanche and Fico d´India. I am still undecided, maybe i just stick with a few decants and don’t buy a FB. Sunday scent was Pour la Belle by Schlossparfümerie Stuttgart, a very classic and mossy chypre.


On my plate: Lamb and potatoes, oxtail stew with Semmelknödel, smothered fennel with gorgonzola and salsicchia, sausage salad, quark dumplings with rhubarb compote and tete de beau (veals head) with sauce gribiche and potatoes, raw broccoli salad with cheddar, peanuts and barberries. I made some “Seelen”, a typical Swabian bread roll for breakfast, soo good!

Creative: i did a lot for sewing preparation on saturday and cut two dresses, one nightshirt and a muslin for a denim skirt. I finished the nightshirt and also finished my mashup Concord/Plantain T-shirt from a special fabric with little sushi rolls.

img_20200508_065706I think the pattern now fits really good, so i finally have a good fitting t-shirt pattern. Next time i will shorten the sleeves a bit.

I wore a lot of remade clothes this week, because i try to participate in “memademay”, where sewists all over the world are wearing their own creations this month. Its also inspiring to look at all the photos at instagram.

Weekly diary

What I wore: Kenzo Jungle(still a bit much for me), MM Untitled, Vintage Opium, L’ Air de Rien, LADDM, Vanille Insensée, Hilfiger The Girl

On my plate : pasta con ragu Bolognese, mushroom and asparagus Omelett, chicken paprikash, Hummus, homemade pizza, asparagus with vinaigrette, potatoes soup with sausage and Majoran, lamb shoulder with roast potatoes and minted peas

Made: I finally finished two boxer shorts for the boyfriend and sewed two t-shirts for myself.

And I gave myself another haircut, because my hair was way to long and I hate when it gets partly wavy.

Weekly diary

This week I wore only scents from my bottles, no decants. Vintage Miss Dior, Fils de Dieu, CK One 2017, Niki de Saint Phalle with my zodiac sign, Lovely Sheer, Assam of India and Chypre Siam

All my bottles this week

On my plate : chicken legs with beet salad, pumpkin soup with lentils, sausage salad, asparagus quiche, asparagus with herbed quark, savoy and chickpea curry in coconut milk, chickpea omelet with ham

Asparagus quiche

Made: I finally finished another shirt from blue and white chequered seersucker for the boyfriend and made buttonholes the first time on my new machine. They turned out great.

Weekly diary

Worn: Sandflowers layered with Acqua di Sale, Roma, Terracotta, Fils de Dieu, Granville (still reminds me of a rheumatism ointment, but classier), Lovely Sheer, Bracken Woman, Florabotanica

On my plate: coleslaw, broccoli soup, bun with veggie burger, pumpkin soup with curry, lentils and coconut milk, salmon with noodles, asparagus and tuna sauce, fresh baked seeded rolls (the boyfriend badly burned his thumb and has a big blister)

Made: I am sewing some underpants for the boyfriend and have cut out another shirt for him.

Watched:I started watching the series Bones. I have read Reichs books, but this is just loosely related to them. Anyway it’s fun to watch

Done: our whole practice had to be tested for Covid after having contact, so we had to line up at the test center outside on the sidewalk, all wearing masks, looked funny….

The Mirri Dress

Although I started sewing early at 16 and made much of my own clothes until I finished university I am now not a very accomplished seamstress. I managed to make some successful garments, that look reasonably good, but I have a lot to learn.

I like dresses, because I don’t have to think about matching tops with skirts or pants, just have to find some matching panty hose without holes and I am good to go.

As I looked at the patterns from Wardrobe by Me, I was attracted by the Mirri Dress, because I like draped tops, and this one seemed not too revealing, which is a often a problem if you have a larger bust.

I bought two jersey coupons at the Stoffmarkt in Heilbronn to test the pattern before buying a more expensive fabric. And I am really pleased with the results

The drapey faux wrap really sits nice and is cut high enough. I cut out European size 44 and graded to 46 to accommodate my bigger waist, because I am more a busty apple than a pearshape

The pattern consists of 5 main pieces plus 2 strips for the sleeves. After you made the pleats of the front piece, the rest comes together quickly. Only the shawl collar is a tiny bit fiddly. I did not alter anything on the pattern and can recommend this for a bit adventurous beginning sewists. I am sure I will make another one soon.

Weekly diary- still on lockdown

Worn: Azurée, Chypre Mousse, Coriandre, Florabotanica, Memoir Woman, Untitled L’Eau plus AC Jasmin Angélique, Batucada, Cristalle Eau Verte

On my plate:Shakshuka, filled pancakes, pumpkin soup, chicken paprikash, Broad bean salad, lamb shanks with green beans.

Watched: an old series from the 80ies, North and South, lots of great Filmstars like Liz Taylor, Patrick Swayze, David Carradine etc, a fun and a bit sentimental watch

Made: I found my sewing MOJO again and finally finished my Fringe Dress I cut last year and made the Mirri dress from Wardrobe by me.

Weekly diary lockdown edition 2

Worn:Jil Sander No4, Oil Fiction, Covet+Jicky, MKK+Lovely Sheer, Baruti Indigo +Untitled, lots of Terracotta, Camelia Chinois, Empreinte, Cabochard

On my plate : greens and boiled potatoes, Wraps with fillings, homemade pizza, vegetarian Chili, Lasagne, Bavarian sausage salad, savoy with minced meat and pasta, broccoli-lentil salad with raisins, mint and baharat, asparagus with vinaigrette

Watched: The Valhalla Murders, a very good mini crime series, located in rejkiavik

Reading: Still reading a SF novel called Rosewater

Creative : still knitting my cardigan.

Weekly diary- lockdown holidays

Getragen/Worn: Niki de Saint Phalle, Roma, Lumiere Dorée, Grimoire, Chypre Siam, Coriandre plus Ma Griffe combination, Shalimar EdT.  Scents of the Night: Café Tuberosa, Calligraphy Saffron, Avon Nearness, Tellus, Evoke for her, Felanilla.

Die Kombination aus Ma Griffe und Coriandre war erstaunlich gut, weil die Bitterkeit von Ma Griffe etwas abgemildert wird und die grünen Noten deutlich zunehmen. The combination of Ma Griffe and Coriandre worked really well, because it toned down Ma Griffe´s bitterness and enhanced the green notes.


Auf dem Teller, schliesslich hat man im Lockdown-Urlaub genug Zeit am Herd…. Blumenkohl-Kartoffelcurry mit Kichererbsen, Broccolicremesuppe, gebratene Maultaschen mit Ei, Spargelrisotto, Ochsenschwanzragout mit Polenta, Rhabarberkuchen, Nudeln mit gebratenem Spargel und Speck, Kimchi-Kässpätzle.

On my plate, because all you can do in your holiday in a lockdown is cook, eat and watch TV…. Cauliflower-Potato-Curry with Chickpeas, cream of broccoli soup, fried Maultaschen, risotto with asparagus, oxtail ragu with polenta, pasta with fried asparagus and bacon, Spätzle with cheese and kimchi, rhubarb cake.

Gemacht: Nachdem es immer noch keine Masken gibt, habe ich für mich und die Familie einige aus Reststoffen selbst genäht. Sie sind zwar nicht virendicht, aber halten vielleicht ein bisschen ab und verhindern es andere versehentlich anzustecken… Socken habe ich auch gestrickt, erfreulicherweise auch zum Teil in der Sonne auf dem Balkon.

Made: i sewed some nose and mouth guards from cloth, because there are no others to be had. I made some for me and my family. They are not extremely safe, but will at least block some droplets while coughing and sneezing or being sneezed at…And i had some time to finish some socks, gladly one day it was warm enough on the balcony.

Soziales Highlight – ein Spaziergang mit einer Freundin und ihrem niedlichen Hund in gebührendem Abstand über die Felder. Social highlight of the week was a walk in the fields with a friend and her lovely dog, keeping a safe distance.


Wie geht ihr mit den Beschränkungen um? How do you cope with the limitations at the moment?

Weekly diary

Diese Woche war eine reine Chypre-Woche. Irgendwie finde ich diese klassischen und eher ernsten Düfte aktuell für meine Seelenverfassung am passendsten. Daher trug ich Mitsouko, Chypre Siam, Empreinte, Aromatics Elixir, Vintage Gucci No 3, Miss Dior (vintage) und Niki de Saint Phalle. I wore only chypres this week, because i found them most fitting for my actual state of mind. 


Auf dem Teller: Kimchi fried rice, Rote Beete Salat, Pancakes mit Blaubeeren und Sirup, Spargel mit Kratzete. Essen gehen geht ja nun auch nicht mehr, daher alles selbstgemacht. Auswärts essen findet nun auf dem Balkon statt!

On my plate – and all homemade, because the restaurants are closed because of Covid19 . Kimchi fried rice, beet salad, pancakes with sirup and blueberries, asparagus with Kratzete (a special thick and fluffy pancake, that is afterwards ripped in small pieces, think Kaiserschmarrn, but salty). Dining out now means eating on our balcony!

Gemacht: immerhin zwei einzelne Socken fertiggestrickt, etwas Hausputz, Bilderrahmen-Halter aufgehängt.  Leere Klopapier-Regale im Markt bestaunt und viele einsame Spaziergänge gemacht.

Made: I managed to finish two single socks, cleaned a bit in the apartment and finally installed some picture rails in the living room. I was astounded to see totally empty shelves in the drugstore, where the toilet paper used to be. And we made lots of lonely walks together after work. 

Nachdem aber nun auf die Friseure zumachen mussten und ich dringend einen Nachschnitt brauchte, habe ich mich mit Mut und Todesverachtung mit dem Haarschneider bewaffnet und die Seiten und hinten  auf 15mm kurz geschoren. Die Haare am Oberkopf wurden so pi mal Daumen mit der Schere gekürzt. Schaut zumindest nicht soo schlecht aus.

As all hairdressers had to close shop because of the Covid crisis and i badly needed a haircut i finally decided to do it myself. I could not convince the boyfriend to cut my hair, he was too afraid! So i shortened the sides to 15mm with the cutting machine and shortened the hair on the top a bit with scissors. I am quite content with my first self haircut, it looks okay to me.

Weekly diary

Getragen /worn: Jicky, Coromandel, Fils de Dieu, Roma, Moulin Rouge, Jacomo Art Collection#9 zweimal und leer gemacht. I thunked my decant of Jacomo.

Auf dem Teller : pasta con ragu, Wirsing mit Merguez, Leber mit Bratkartoffeln, koreanischer Schweinebauch mit Kimchi, selbstgebackene Seelen.

On my plate: homemade Seelen, a svabian sort of rolls, pork belly korean style, savoy with Merguez, pasta con ragu.

Die ganze Welt spricht nur noch von der Pandemie, und so allmählich gehen die Zahlen in Deutschland bedenklich in die Höhe. Der Mann wurde ins homeoffice geschickt, ich selbst fahre lieber Auto als mit den Öffis. Ich bin gespannt, wann die ersten Ausgangssperren verhängt werden. Bleibt gesund und verhaltet euch vernünftig

The whole world is talking about the pandemic, the boyfriend was ordered to do homeoffice. I avoid public transportation and go by car, because I don’t want to be a risk to my patients. I wonder how long we will be able to move freely. Stay safe and sane, you all

Weekly diary

Getragen/Worn: Ich hatte als Thema eine Woche mit grünen Düften, daher Bracken Woman, Vert de Fleur, Untitled, Chanel No19, L´Air de Rien, Coriandre, Fico di Amalfi. I wore mostly green scents this week.


L´Air de Rien war das Parfum für den Day of the Dude….. I wore L´Air de Rien for the Day of the Dude.

Auf dem Teller: Suppe der Braut Ezo, Frittata mit dicken Bohnen, Kutteln und Bratkartoffeln im Ratskeller in Heilbronn. Selbstgemachtes Ramen mit Chashu und weichem Ei, nicht so gut wie in Japan, aber immerhin…

On my plate: Turkish lentil soup, frittata with broad beans, tripes and fried potatoes at the Ratskeller in Heilbronn. We made Ramen with homemade bone broth, homemade noodles, chased and miso egg. It was good, but not as good as the ramen we ate in Japan.


Weekly diary

Getragen/Worn: Jil Sander Evergreen (belanglos hübsch und schnell weg) , Chypre-Siam, Chanel Gabrielle (Langeweile für viel Geld), Vintage Zen EdC, Attar Collection Persian Gold, Vintage Ma Griffe, Memoire d´une Odeur. I tested Evergreen and Gabrielle for the first time. Both are very harmless and nothing to be excited about. 

Auf dem Teller: Pizza beim Italiener, Gnocci mit Gorgonzola und Mangold, libanesischer Orangenkuchen, Chicken in Pickling Spices. Massenweise Tonkotsu Ramen Brühe eingekocht aus 7kg Schweineknochen, eine 2Tage-Aktion mit Brühe kochen und nachher noch einkochen.


On my plate: Pizza dinner at the restaurant, gnocchi with gorgonzola and greens, Libanese orange cake, chicken in pickling spices. And we cooked lots of tonkotsu ramen broth from 7kg pork bones. This took the whole weekend to cook and to can it afterwards.

Gesehen: Sense8 auf Netflix, bin aber noch nicht ganz durch. I started binge-watching Sense8 on Netflix, but have some episodes left.

Weekly diary

Perfume: Covet, Aromatics Elixir, Empreinte, Niki de Saint Phalle, Felanilla, Terracotta, Zagorsk

Auf dem Teller: Linsen mit Spätzle, Fenchel mit Gorgonzola, Rag’u Bolognese, Safrankürnis mit Pilzen

Gelesen: Mind Control von Stephen King.

Gesehen: Der seidene Faden

Weekly diary

Parfum: Ambre Nuit, L´Air de Rien, Fils de Dieu, Kenzo Amour, Musks Koublai Khan, Miss Dior (vintage), Coriandre


Auf dem Teller: Broccolisalat mit Kernen, Pasta bolognese, Ossobuco milanese, versunkener Apfelkuchen, Blumenkohlsalat mit Feta und Kichererbsen. Beim Kochen war ich leider behindert mit dem Fingerverband nach einer Biopsie im Nagelbett. Dafür muss ich nicht abwaschen!

On my plate: broccoli slaw with seeds, pasta bolognese, Ossobuco, apple pie, cauliflower salad with feta and chickpeas.  Cooking was a bit unpractical with the bandage on my finger after i got a biopsy of the nailbed. But now the boyfriend has to wash the dishes!

Gesehen: die komplette Staffel Locke und Key, hat mir gut gefallen. Der Autor ist der Sohn von Stephen King -erklärt wohl alles….

Watched: Locke and Key, which i liked a lot. No wonder- the author is Stephen King´s son…


Weekly diary

Parfum: Pour la Belle (Schlossparfümerie Stuttgart Exclusive), Salome, Nicky EdP, Bianchi – Under my skin, Dzing!, Ambre de Merveilles, Elie Saab Essence No3 Ambre


Auf dem Teller: Diese Woche nur wenig gekocht, daher One Pot Pasta, Blumenkohl in Remouladensauce, Bigos mit Nudeln, leckeres Pho in Ulm bei Myha, tolles Frühstück im Kornhauskeller in Ulm.

On my plate: i did not do much cooking this week, so only some one pot pasta, cauliflower in remoulade, Bigos with pasta. Dining out with Pho in Ulm and a big breakfast too..

Ansonsten: immer noch die gleichen Bücher wie letzte Woche, ein bisschen an der Jacke weitergestrickt, ein paar Socken für den Mann angefangen….

I am still reading the same books as last week, knit a bit on the cardigan, cast on a sock for the boyfriend….

Weekly diary

Weihrauch-Woche/Incense Week:  Montale Full Incense, Biehl mb03, Margiela Untitled, AC Jasmin Angelique, Heeley Eau Sacree, Etro Messe de Minuit, Fille en Aiguilles, Zagorsk


Auf dem Teller: Kürbissuppe mit Linsen, Hühner-Paprikash mit Spätzle, Pasta alle Vongole, gebratener Lachs

On my plate: pumpkin soup with lentils, chicken paprikash with spaetzle, pasta vongole, salmon.

Bücher: Macomber- A turn in the road, damit ist die Reihe für mich beendet. sehr leichte Lektüre, aber manchmal braucht man auch das. Stephen Kings “Mr Mercedes” als Hörbuch, bin fast durch. Ein etwas untypischer King, mehr Krimi als übersinnlich, aber doch ganz spannend. Neu angefangen: “The fifth season” von Jemisin. Dazu habe ich noch keine Meinung.

Books: finished the last of the Macomber Blossom street books. A very light read, but nice. At the moment i am listening to Kings “Mr. Mercedes”, which is a untypical King, more a detective story and not so much supernatural. I like it and have the sequel downloaded too. I just started “The fifth season” by Jemisin, but i am still undecided if i like it.


Weekly diary

Getragen/Worn: Reminiscence Musk, EA Green Tea (migraine day…), Narciso EdP, Felanilla, Bulgari Black, Ambre de Merveilles, Moulin Rouge, Shalimar.


Auf dem Teller: Pizza beim Italiener, Frittata mit dicken Bohnen, Mograbieh-Salat mit Feta, Kimchi Fried Rice, geschmorter Wirsing mit Nudeln und Bratwurst, Matjesheringsalat, Szechuan-Küche im Restaurant.

On my plate: Pizza at our Italian restaurant, frittata with broad beans, mograbieh-salad with feta, kimchi fried rice, smothered savoy with pasta and sausage, herring salad with sour cream, Szechuan food at a newly discovered restaurant.

Unternommen: die Azteken-Ausstellung im Lindenmuseum in Stuttgart war ziemlich interessant, schliesslich sind die Azteken für uns immer noch ein rätselhaftes Volk. Die Ausstellung war gut aufgebaut und der Audioguide lohnt sich wirklich. Danach waren wir im Sichuan essen. Authentisch wirkende Küche im sehr schlichten Ambiente, Preis-Leistung war top. Wir kommen wieder…

Done: we visited the Aztec- exhibition in the Lindenmuseum in Stuttgart. It was quite interesting. I recommend getting the audioguide too. Afterwards we went to a Chinese restaurant called Sichuan. The food seemed really authentic and tasted good. We will come again!

Weekly diary

Getragen/Worn: ELDO Marquis de Sade, Neil Morris- Fetish, Boclet Musc, Vert D´Encens, Fougere Bengale, Dzing!, L´Air de Rien, Montale White Musk


Riesiger Regenbogen am Montag auf dem Heimweg. A big rainbow on my way home on mondän.

Auf dem Teller: gebratener Seitan mit Rührei, Steckrübeneintopf, Johannisbeerkuchen, Ofenkürbis mit Feta und Fleischbällchen, persischer Rindertopf mit Rhabarber

On my plate: fried Seitan with scrambled egg, swede soup with vegetables and sausage, redcurrant cake, baked pumpkin with feta and meat balls, Persian beef pot with rhubarb and saffron

Gelesen: ich arbeite mich weiter durch die Blossom Street Serie, leichte Lektüre, aber nett zu lesen. Reading: still working on the Blossom Street Series, a light read, but nice.

Kreativ: mein zweites Appleton Wickelkleid ist fertig, leider ist der Stoff etwas weniger dehnbar, als gedacht. Und ein Cashmerette Concord T.Shirt ist fertig, allerdings braucht der Schnitt noch einige Änderungen.

Creative: i finished the second Appleton dress, sadly my fabric has a bit less stretch than it should have. And i made a first Concorde T-Shirt, that needs some alterations with the pattern.

Weekly diary

Getragen/Worn: Cristalle Eau Verte, Calligraphy Saffron, Aromatics Elixir, Kashnoir (ähnelt ziemlich Forreau Noir), Courreges Empreinte, Ormonde Woman, Musc Encensé, mb03, Rouge Cardinal, Fille en Aiguilles. In der nächsten Zeit wird es wohl einiges an Weihrauchdüften geben, denn ich habe bei parfumo ein Probenpaket gewonnen. There will be more incense scents the next days, because i won a sample package on the parfumo website!


Auf dem Teller: Selbstgemachte Pizza mit Kapern und Sardellen und Pilzen, Rote Beete Salat, Feijoada, Kimchi pancakes, Grünkernsalat mit Feta und Falafel, Steckrübeneintopf mit Wiener Würstchen.

On my plate: homemade pizza with capers, anchovies and mushrooms, beet salad, feijoada, kimchi pancakes, farro salad with feta and falafel, swede soup with carrots, potatoes and sausage.

Gelesen: Ich lese mich gerade durch die Debbie Macomber Reihe der “Blossom Street” und bin gerade beim vierten Band angekommen. Leichte Lektüre, aber nett geschrieben und ausserdem wird auch gestrickt….  Currently reading the “Blossom Street” series by Debbie Macomber. Its a light read, but charming and there is some knitting involved, so thats a plus.

Kreativ: Ein paar Nähte vom Appleton Wickelkleid von Cashmerette patterns genäht. Ein wirklich super Schnitt und passt auch gut. Kann ich nur empfehlen.

I managed to sew some seams on my new Appleton dress by Cashmerette. It will be the second dress with this pattern, highly recommended. 

Weekly diary

Getragen/Worn: Ambre de Merveilles, Felanilla, Ambre Russe (für Silvester/for New Years Eve), Bianchi Under my skin, Tangier Vanille, Niki de Saint Phalle, Empreinte, Zagorsk.

In der Schlossparfümerie Stuttgart habe ich Pour La Belle getestet. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Eigenproduktion der Parfümerie. Es wird wohl in Grasse bei Micallef vertrieben. Ein wirklich moosiger Chypre mit einem kräutereigen Auftakt mit Koriander, dann einige unsüsse Blumen (Ylang, Jasmin, Rose) und danach die volle Eichenmoosdröhnung. Die Vorgabe an die Verkäuferin war “etwas animalisches mit Zibet”, das ist wohl auch enthalten, steht aber nicht in der Duftpyramide. Der Duft hat aber definitiv einen gewissen RRRR- Faktor. Zudem ist die Haltbarkeit wirklich gut. Abends um fünf aufgesprüht, viel geschwitzt und am Morgen war es noch immer deutlich riechbar. Zudem ein Schnäppchen mit 100ml für 90€….

I went perfume testing during the weekend and went to the Schlossparfümerie in Stuttgart. They have a own perfume line and i testet their “pour la Belle”, a very mossy chypre with some animalic undertones. It has notes of herbs (coriander), followed by some un-sweet florals (rose, Jasmin, ylang) and the base is extremely mossy. As i sought something with civet, it seems to be contained too, although its not mentioned in the pyramid. But it has the certain roar-factor. Longevitiy is very good, i could smell it for nearly 18h on my skin .For 100ml and 90€ its a good deal too.


Auf dem Teller: Pasta mit Broccoli und Huhn, Linsensuppe mit Tamarinde und Ingwer, Saure Kutteln mit Ofenkartoffeln, Kalbsleber und Stampfkartoffeln, Avgolemonosopa. Zu Silvester gab es Feldsalat mit Trüffelburrata, hausgemachte Nudeln mit Petersilie-Walnusspesto, Schokomousse mit Granatapfelkernen.

On the plate: Pasta with broccoli and chicken, lentil soup with tamarind and ginger, tripes with oven potatoes, veals liver with mashed potatoes, greek avgolemonosopa. For New Years Eve we had salad with truffled burrata, homemade pasta with pesto, mousse au chocolate.

Selbst gemacht: Der Kielo Wrap Dress ist endlich fertig, ganz zufrieden bin ich allerdings nicht. Und ein zweites T-Shirt für meinen Bruder habe ich noch fertiggemacht. Diesmal mit etwas verschmälerten Schultern. Finally i finished the Kielo Wrap dress, but i am not 100% pleased with the fit. Its comfy nontheless. And i made a second shirt for my brother, this time with a narrower shoulder.

Top 5 Scents 2019

Letztes Jahr habe ich richtig Buch geführt, welche Düfte ich täglich getragen habe. Vielleicht ein bisschen zwanghaft, aber doch ganz aufschlussreich, wozu man so im Laufe eines Jahres am meisten greift. Daher nun ….. tadaaaaah! Die Gewinner!


Fils de Dieu von ELDO liegt mit 13x ganz vorne, kein Wunder, denn diesen asiatisch-frischen Zitrus-Reis-Gourmand kann man im Sommer und Winter prima tragen. Der Platz 2 geht an den Cheapie Covet von SJP mit 11x.  Auch hier wieder relativ wetterunabhängig zu tragen, die Lavendel-Schokonote mit viel Grün geht ausser bei totaler Hitze eigentlich täglich… Ebenfalls 11x habe ich Felanilla von Pierre Guillaume gesprüht, den finde ich bei kaltem Wetter echt kuschelig.

Mit 10x ist L´Air de Rien ebenfalls ziemlich weit vorne gelandet. Ich mag diese staubig-pudrige Mischung aus Orangenblüte, Patchouli und etwas ungewaschener Kopfhaut!

9x getragen wurde Terracotta von Guerlain sowie auch Marginal Untitled L´Eau, beides eher klassische Sommerdüfte. Die hintersten Plätze mit 1x getragen teilen sich Musc Ravageur, Mitsouko (finde ich schwierig, der Pfirsich wird bei mir total bitter), Tangier Vanille von Aerin und Un Crime Exotique von PG (bin kein Lebkuchen).

Last year i documented my daily scents and now i can do my yearly statistics. Most worn is Fils de Dieu by ELDO, because fresh citrus and gourmand rice notes go with nearly every weather, even in summer. Second place goes to Covet by SJP, because i like this oddball perfume a lot, it can be worn in colder and warmer temps, but not in the heat. My colder weather scents are definitely Felanilla by PG and L´Air de Rien. I must love dusty-powdery scents with an animalic note a lot, i guess. For summer i wore a lot of Terracotta and Margiela Untitled L´Eau. I even used up my Margiela decant and am pondering a full bottle for next summer.

Last places with one wear go to Musc Ravageur (i don’t know when to wear it), Mitsouko (a difficult scent to wear on my skin, the peach gets bitter…), Tangier Vanille by Aerin (nice, but nothing special) and Un Crime Exotique (i am no peppernut ).

Weekly statistics


Perfume: Full Incense, Eau Sacrée, Calligraphy Saffron, Ambre de Merveilles, Memoire de une Odeur, Peau de Bete, L´Air de Rien

Auf dem Teller: Pho beim Vietnamesen in München, Dinkelspätzle mit Alblinsen und gepökelter Zunge für Heiligabend, Tofubolognese mit Linguine, Kürbissuppe mit gebratener Paprikasalami, Tarte Flambée im französischen Supermarkrestaurant, frische Austern, Huhn in Milch nach Jamie Oliver, Milchreis mit Kardamom, Kreuzkümmel und Apfel

On my plate: Pho at the restaurant, Spätzle, Lentils and brined tongue for Christmas eve, Linguine with tofu bolognese, Pumpkin soup, Tarte flambé at a supermarket restaurant in France, fresh oysters, Chicken in milk (Jamie Oliver recipe), rice pudding with cardamom, cumin and apples.

Diese Woche war eher anstrengend, alle Elternteile über Weihnachten abklappern, zu viel Essen, zu viel Rumsitzen, zu wenig Frischluft. Aber immerhin haben wir den Freitag noch zu einer kleinen Shoppingtour nach Frankreich genutzt (nur 120km!) und waren zum ersten Mal im Shoppingcenter Roppenheim, das eine wirklich schöne Auswahl an Geschäften hat. Wer Schuhe, Kleidung oder Sportzeug sucht, der wird bestimmt fündig. Danach noch eine Runde durch den Leclerc in Soufflenheim für Käse, Terrinen und Huhn. Ausserdem waren wir in der Oper in Stuttgart und haben uns “Die Liebe zu den drei Orangen” angesehen. Eine witzige Inszenierung, schräge Kostüme und gute Ideen der Regie. Sollte man öfter machen!

This week was a bit exhausting. We had to visit all our parents, eat too much, sit around too much and had not enough fresh air. But we made a small shopping trip to France, visited the shopping mall in Roppenheim (quite nice) and went to the Leclerc supermarket for lots of cheese, terrines and chicken. And we went to the Opera in Stuttgart for Prokofievs “Love for the three oranges”, which was really funny. The costumes were great and we liked the interpretation of the director a lot. We should go there more often!

Merry Christmas


Die Wochenstatistik ist ja leider ausgefallen, da wir innerhalb von vier Tagen über die Weihnachtstage zwei verschiedene Eltern abklappern mussten. Es gab zu viel Essen, nicht ganz so viel Wein, selbstgebackene Plätzchen und viele Kilometer auf der Autobahn.

My weekly statistic on Sunday was skipped, because we had to visit his and my parents in four days. So we had too much food, lots of wine, homemade cookies and lots of driving on Germanys roads.

Duftbegleitung der letzten Woche: 3x Alaia, Felanilla, Fils de Dieu, Madonna Truth or Dare, Ajmal Evoke for Her, Ambre de Merveilles.

Weekly statistic

Parfum: Absolu d´Osmanthe, Fourreau Noir, Un Bois Vanille, Chergui, Ariana Grande Cloud, Assam of India, Miss Dior Vintage


Auf dem Teller: Borscht mit Blut- und Leberwurst, Falafelsandwich mit Erdnusssauce beim Imbiss, Gänsebraten mit Brezenknödeln und Blaukraut mit Speck und Rosmarin nach Jamie Oliver.

On the plate: Borscht with black sausage and liverwurst, Falafel with peanut sauce, roast goose with homemade dumplings from pretzels and red cabbage with bacon and rosemary (a Jamie Oliver recipe).

Gemacht: Meine Freundin war zum Gänseessen da, da war am Nachmittag noch Zeit für sie ebenfalls eine York Pinafore zu nähen, hat etwa drei Stunden gedauert. Sie hat sie gleich mitgenommen. Ausserdem noch die Rebel Joggers aus dunkelblauem Sweatshirtstoff für den Mann des Hauses zum Herumfummeln. Schliesslich hat er nächste Woche Urlaub und soll es bequem haben…

Made: my friend was there for the weekend, so there was time to sew a York pinafore dress for her. It just took me 3 hours. I also made Rebel joggers for the boyfriend from some navy sweatshirt fabric for lounging at home for his holidays next week.

Gelesen: The long way to a small and and angry planet, mit diversen freundlichen und ein paar unfreundlichen Aliens, einem Mechaniker, der den Schiffscomputer liebt usw….. Eher ein Feel-good-SF, aber sehr hübsch beschrieben. Es gibt noch zwei Bände, vermutlich werde ich die auch noch lesen.

Read: The long way to a small and angry planet, a nice Space Opera with lots of friendly aliens, some grumpy ones and a lot of interaction on board of a stellar ship. A real feel good SF, so if you like this, i can recommend it, There are two more books in this series, which i will probably read too….

Weekly statistics

Perfume: No3 Essence Ambre, Margiela Untitled, Wazamba, Dior Ambre Nuit, Fille en Aiguilles, Fils de Dieu, Dzing!

Auf dem Teller: Bratwurst mit Kürbispüree, Burger und Pommes im Bullmanns Diner in Ludwigsburg, Linsensuppe mit Feta, Pasta mit Ragú, Vanillekipferl und Vanillesandplätzchen.  Ein leckerer, wenn auch kochend heisser Blonder Engel auf dem Christkindlmarkt.

On my plate: roast sausage with pumpkin puree, had a big burger and fries at an American diner in Ludwigsburg, lentil soup with feta, pasta al ragu and we baked some holiday cookies. Had a Blond Angel (eggnogg punch) at the Christkindlmarkt.